What happened to Louise G. and all of her black bulls?

I got an error the other day attempting to access her profile and found that she, as well as her son, friends and black bulls are no longer here. I follow her and that was even removed.

What Gives???
I wanted to fuck that whore louise too. Why did they also remove her lady friends too. She had sum hot latina and white milf friends . Whatever she must of said wrong must of been sum serious shit to be removed


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Did y'all see where someone posted that it was all fake? Louise, her son, & her friends? If it was a farce, someone went to a lot of effort to pull that off.
95 perc of your time should be stuck to gaming ladies in real life clubs bars parks malls. 5 percent online. Online is just pretentious fake and lots of cock teasers here. Many ladies here are just living out fantasies and have no intention of meeting. Lol


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What kind of site is this that fake post are made ....men acting like women ...women acting like they really are BBC slut and never even fucked a black man ...this is bullshit ..make me want to find or make my own site ...i a real and all I know is to keep it real ....to all my brothers on here be careful you might be chatting with a man .a..dam they even post fake pic .....man keep it real ....i am out