Weekend ideas


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Hey group. We do most of our playing during the weeekend most of the time starting on Thursday so.

Anymore have any fun ideas to push the limits in and out of bed. We have been in the lifestyle for a long time but still consider ourselves very mild so looking to push the limits a bit.

I would say something public. Bring one of your regulars or pick up a new man out. Go dancing go to the bar have fun in front of others. Then maybe go to a nice hotel and walk in kissing your bull with hubby in tow.
Or maybe if your backyard has some cover invite a man over for some outside fun.
What about Penn State Univ. in State College Pa? It looks like it's about the middle of PA, it has a large population & the town is even named because of the schools presence there.


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How about we change it up weekday ideas.

we have recently decided that the QoS wife lifestyle is just that a lifestyle and we will be living it 24/7.

So any advice, ideas on how to do this.