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He slid his huge, black cock deep inside her pussy, filling her completely, and she moaned
softly. It had been so long since she'd been with a man that turned her on. Not
only did he turn her on, he also knew how make her want more; make her come
until she screamed. He grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her head back, and
bit her on her neck—that sweet spot where it curved into her shoulder.

Wrapping his other hand around one of her tits, he rolled the nipple between his
thumb and finger. With her hands tied behind her back, she could do nothing but
follow wherever he led. While on her knees, he pulled her backward, with him
behind her, his hard cock still inside of her. He wrapped his arms around her
and held her firmly against him.

"You like it rough?" he said against her ear. "You like it when I fuck you
hard?" He pinched her nipple harder and she winced from the pain. "You like it
rough, don't you?"

"Yes," she whispered harshly. "I like it rough. Hard. Fuck me."

He pushed her forward and she fell onto the bed face first with her ass high in
the air. He grabbed her by the hips and slammed his dick into her over and over,
pulling her against him with every forward thrust. She fought to control the
pleasurable moan escaping her lips. She liked the control he held over her,
craved the sensation of her body jolting with every hard stroke. He pulled the
bonds from her wrists, freed her hands, and pulled out of her. Lying down on the
bed, he held his arms out. She came down on top of him, their mouths fusing
together. He fucked her mouth with his tongue while his hands roamed over her
back, her ass.

"Turn around," he said. She straddled him, facing his feet. "Raise your ass up."

Positioning her bottom over his dick, she came down hard, sheathing him inside
her. With a hand on each cheek, he squeezed as she rode him, dictating her
rhythm and speed. Using her hands for leverage, she gripped his ankles and
pumped up and down. On the downward stroke, she squeezed her cunt muscles
together, and on the upward stroke released them until just the head of his cock
remained inside her. Then she clenched her muscles again, gripped him tightly
and slid down the length of his dick. The heat built inside her until she could
take no more. Lying forward across his thighs, she shuddered, squeezed his
ankles harder, and came. Her pussy juices leaked out and ran down his cock.

When his nails raked over her back and sank into the flesh of her hips, she
reached between his legs and grasped his balls. The heavy sack was drawn up
tight against his body, urging him into release. With one fast, hard upstroke,
his body stiffened and he held tight against her, shooting his wad deep inside
of her.

I watched in amazement as his huge cock slipped from my wife's pussy and his cum
dripped onto the bedsheets. I had never seen her so wild and sexual, but then
I'd never seen her fuck a black man before. My hand moved faster and I shot my
small wad onto my stomach? I would never be able to compete with that!