Wanna be a bull

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 10inchDEBO, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. 10inchDEBO

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    Wanna be a bull. I haven't responded much, but now I really wanna be a bill. Looking for a white girl deserving this cock. I'll fly you out and take care of ya. But if I'm your bull you gotta be my bitch. Message me if you want this. I'll send my email. If you truly wanna be my white slut you gotta be ok sendin pics and vids. Also being able to fly out is a must kinda obvious.
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  2. gennie7

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    Id love to talk about being ur slut. Dont know if i could do full time right away, but u can deff use me for a few weekends. write back and ill give u my number so we can talk.
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  3. bgoddessb

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    I dont know if you ever get out to Australia but just the thought of your cock makes me want to be your white bitch!

    It also makes me want to make my hubby your bitch as well!
  4. MacNfries

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    re: Wanna be a bull

    A man doesn't just declare himself a "BULL"; he earns that title. Even having an extra large cock doesn't necessarily make a guy a BULL. The only individuals that can give him that title are the women he's fucking, either by telling him or by desiring return performances. Also, most real BULLS don't go around bragging and calling themselves BULLS because they're usually too busy FUCKING and don't need to self-boost of themselves. ;)
  5. Torpedo

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    I'll tend to agree with you on this.