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Playtime Patty

Gold Member
OMG I must tell everyone what just happen to me, I am SSSOOO EXICTED!!!!!

I just got back from a two week vacation to Italy. The second night in Rome my hubby and I were at dinner when we noticed this very handsome well dressed COAL BLACK man sitting alone. I just walked up to him and asked if he would like to join us for dinner. He told me, in his Africana accient that he had no plans and would love to join us. Well his name is Benjamin and he is a South African businessman. We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation and after a couple bottles of wine, I reach over put my hand on his thigh and ask if he wanted joins us in our room for dessert!!! My hubby mouth fell open, but I was so horny for this man. I have never seen a man so BLACK!!!!! Benjamin looked me in the eyes and said YES!!!!!

Well when we got in our suite, Benjamin started to kiss me and melted. Hubby help him undress me and there I was taking Benjamin's clothes off. I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his belt and pants slid then down and there was the most beautiful HARD UNCUT Black Cock. I open my mouth and started to suck his dick. After sucking his cock for about ten minutes, Benjamin took me to the bed were he laid me down spread my legs and started licking my wet pussy, my toes curled and eye rolled back and I have an HUGE ORGASM!!!!! Benjamin then climbed up between my legs placed the head of this beautiful cock to my pussy lips and pushed it in to the hilt. I could not stop shaking I was CUMMING so hard!!!! Well we fuck most of the night, the color contrast between his coal black and my pale white skins were so sexy and beautiful.

Well we made dinner plans for the next night and ended up repeating the first night of Benjamin fucking me and hubby grinning and watching!!!!! During our dinner Benjamin told us that he has fucked several of the white wives of the men who work for him. He said it was tools of the trade!!!

WELL HERE IS WHERE THINGS TOOK A HUGE TURN FOR ME!!!!! Benjamin asked if he could just take me to dinner without hubby on the third night. Well hubby and I have never done that and had not plan on it, so after talking it over, we agreed to Benjamin and I having dinner , but hubby would be there at another table. Well when we arrived for dinner Benjamin and I walked up to our table and there sat another Black man. His name was Jonathon and he was business associate of Benjamin. We sat down and had a very nice dinner, they chat business and we all just chatted. I kept looking over at hubby and he was watching us like a hawk. Well when dinner was over Benjamin looked at me and asked me to join them for after dinner drinks in his suite!!!!! I KNEW RIGHT THEN WHAT BENJAMIN HAD PLANNED!!!! HE WAS GOING TO GIVE ME TO THIS MAN TO SEAL THEIR DEAL!!!! WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO!!!!! I HAD NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!!! Well I excused myself and went to hubby and told him, he said if I wanted to it was okay, but he had to be there. So we agreed to drinks and the four of us went to Benjamin's suite.

Once inside we had a couple of drinks and then Benjamin looked me in the eye and kissed me and started to fondle by breast. Then I felt someone behind me and it was not my husband, it was Jonathon!!!!! Benjamin looked at hubby and asked him to wait in this the front room and the two of them lead me into the bedroom. Benjamin and Jonathon slowly took my clothes off and I was going WILD!!!!! I WAS CUMMING FROM JUST THEIR TOUCH. Benjamin stepped back and look at me standing before them in only my stockings and shoes and said he wanted me to fuck Jonathon. I looked at him and with out saying a word I turn to Jonathon started taking off his clothes. Once I had his clothes off push him on the bed climbed up and started sucking his beautiful black uncut cock. I WAS SO WORKED UP IN THAT BEDROOM WITH TWO BLACK MEN FOR THE FIRST TIME. Benjamin climbed behind me and started eating my pussy while I suck Black cock. I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!! Well after I got Jonathon HARD, I climb up on him and sat down on his big black cock and it slid right into my WET WET pussy. I was riding him slowly at first and Benjamin climbed up on the bed and presented his cock for me to suck. For the first time in my life I had a Black cock sliding in and out of my pussy and mouth at the same time. I could not stop CUMMING!!!!!! They just laughed and egged me on. After a while they decided to change up and Jonathon put me on all fours and Benjamin climbed up behind me and slide his hard cock into me and started fucking me for all I was forth. Well, to put it mildly the two to them fucked me ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!! HUBBY SAT IN THE OTHER ROOM (OCCASSIONALLY WATCHING HIS WIFE WITH A COCK IN HER MOUTH AND IN HER PUSSY AT THE SAME TIME) LISTENING TO ME SCREAM, MOAN, THEIR GROANS AND OUR FLESH SLAPPING ALL NIGHT!!!!!!! I have never had so much cum dumped in and on me before and I loved every ounce of it.

That was the beginning of a fun filled 2 weeks in Italy seeing the country by day and getting fucked by night. I will convey other adventures for this vacation at a later date.