Vacation Fun


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When my wife and I go on vacation I always entice her to dress sexy and even slutty. Men always gravitate to us and tell me how hot she is. I always tell them that she is great kisser.They always are very interested and say things like "I'll bet" or "I'd love to find out". So I pull her over in her sexy clothes showing off her hard nipples and athletic legs and tell her to show them. This always makes her so wet. She wraps her arms around their neck and pulls them to her and kisses first their lips, then opens her mouth and slides her tongue in. Then she looks at me so deviously and smiles. If she likes the guy she will go back for more and totally make out with him in front of me. This gets me so hard. I love knowing that everyone who see this knows that we are married and she is making out with another guy in front me. Sometimes she goes on for ten minutes or more and the guys let their hands roam all over her body. She'll break the kiss for second and say "oh my pussy is so wet right now." If we both think the guy is cool, especially black guys, she will invite him back to our hotel room for an hour or more of heavy kissing. I'll lick and suck her toes while they go at it. Then she will end up naked, standing and making out and pull out the guys hard cock and tell me to move over. "Get to work." she'll order and I'll suck her nipples and kiss her neck while he fucks her soaking wet cunt. We both love it.