Vacation Dust Up


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My husband can be such a dick sometimes, its not even funny. Last week we were on vacation in the Bahamas and hanging out on the beach. I was wearing a skimpy bikini and since I am very well-endowed I always get lots of looks. In this case a hot black guy walked by and said "lookin' good baby". Immediately my asshole husband says "who are you talking to?" and gets in this guy's face. I'm trying to tell him to back off but he has a point to prove with this black guy and they get into a bit of a shoving match. Unfortunately for my husband the black guy is a little bigger and a lot stronger and my husband ends up on his ass with me yelling at him to smarten up. Pissed off and a little humiliated, he gets up and storms off, leaving me alone with the big, black man.

I start to apologize and he says not to worry about, that he gets that all the time from jealous white husbands and boyfriends. Strangely, this encounter has made me very hot and my pussy is itching to be scratched. Maybe its the thought of two men fighting over me but whatever it is, I am horny right now!

I apologize again and ask if there is anything I can do to make it up to him. He senses my invitation and says, "yeah baby, there's something you can do. No doubt about it."

I drop to my knees and immediately start sucking his huge black cock which is fully erect and as hard as steel. It's so long and thick I can barely get it into my mouth. I love sucking him but I need to be fucked now! I lay over and spread my legs, pulling my bikini to one side so he can see my hot, wet slit. He takes his monstrous cock in his hand and bends it downward into my pussy and plunges it all the way in with one thrust. I come immediately like a bitch in heat. My black conquerer fucks me like a hot, wild stallion and I come several more times before he shoots a huge load of cum deep inside me.

"Let that be a lesson to your husband," he laughs as he pulls his big dick from my stretched out pussy.

"Oh, it will be," I laughed, "believe me."

Later back at the hotel room my husband returns. He has cooled down and is feeling a little bad about the whole incident. He apologizes to me and says he should find the black guy and tell him he's sorry.

"Don't worry," I replied, "I was able to straighten things out with him.

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