I have posted infrequently on this site as my interest has run the spectrum from just wanting to keep this as a fantasy to I want to see my fiancé fucked stupid by a big black man. Many times I feel as if my posts tend to be redundant and slightly annoying but I do not have any other outlets for this stuff.
I approached her with the idea again recently and when she asks why I am into it, I cannot vocalize it. Im embarrassed. I am nervous she might not fully understand. I am nervous she might think less of me. I just cannot make an argument for why I want her to fuck a larger, black man.
We have been together 6 years in Feb. Im just 30, she 28. Our relationship has grown over the past year and as our communication improves, I'm sure our relationship will continue to grow as well. Im hoping there is a chance we could come across this fantasy again maybe a little later. For now, this remains a fantasy. But I am hopeful for the future.