Trying to show wife the light.

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  1. successfulcuck

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    I'm a very lucky guy I have a great life, nice job,
    Great house, and smoking hot wife. We r a 30 yr
    Old cpl from Pgh , PA.

    For the past year I ha e been trying to get
    Her to see the light and do the black guy
    Thing. I ha r showed her pics of really big
    Cocks, watched porn with her, etc....

    She is 5'8 150 blonde/blue 36 dd's. She would
    Be any guys dream .... I don't get it at first when
    I would say to her during sex, I wanna see u with a
    Black guy she got into it then she after awhile
    She said it was a turn off and thought it
    Was weird. She said black men are a huge
    Turn off for her---- please help? Is there anything
    Left to do?
  2. sharky20

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    In a prior post you say you are a single greek guy with a 9inch cock. So what is it , single or!!
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  3. lolassissybreasts

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    and your name is successfulcuck ,if you are successful then your question makes no sence
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  4. hoty

    hoty New Member

    if she is Not interested then why even try lol ...and if you have a great life u should show respect to ur wife .my opnion :)
  5. sharky20

    sharky20 Well-Known Member

    I think you've been outed, maybe you want whats in hoty's avatar, or some bbc in your asspipe.