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Transcending Culture

I recently came to the conclusion that the black to white lifestyle has become more than just a lifestyle.

The alternate adult lifestyle between black men/white women/cuckold/sissy/etc...
is becoming a fast transcending culture phenomenon.

Please share your thoughts and opinion..


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IMHO, for most people who date/marry/fuck outside their race, they aren't thinking about cultural trends or about sociology when they do what they do. I've been married to my wife, who is white, for 8 years, we just love each other and got married without any thought as to what that meant in a larger context.

As for the ancillary aspects of what you and others have termed the "black to white lifestyle", again this is my humble opinion, it's a niche. The overwhelming majority of people don't date outside their race, and I would bet that the number of people who have sexual partners outside their race, whether exclusively or part of the time, is only slightly higher.
Loved your response,

Intresting perspective bmf southjersy I was just basing that analysis off some of the alternate websites and social media sites.

Its Apparent at those sites that it seems that it's catching on like wild fire.