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After a party at our house all the guest left except one of our neighbors. My wife and I and our neighbor Dean, a young, single, black guy were in our living room having a last drink. I knew my wife was attracted to Dean, who is a few years younger. and he was attracted to her. I left for a bit to freshen drinks. When I came back my wife and Dean were sitting on the couch chatting. I mentioned to Dean that my wife found him "cute". My wife was embarrassed and Dean smiled and thanked her. I said I'd like to see them kiss...that got very surprised looks but alcohol was at work and after some encouragement Dean leaned over and kissed her a good one. She was still embarrassed but I said....go ahead I want to watch. Well, they started making out in earnest...I moved to an area with a clear view but out of the immediate area. After a minute or so Dean reached for my wife's breast but she pushed him away. I could tell he wanted much more than just making out, especially since I seemed okay with it. Anyway, after more unsuccessful attempts to feel her boobs Dean unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge, erect cock. He took my wife's hand and put it on his dick but she pulled away. One more try and she grasped his massive dick and began to stroke it as the kissing became more passionate. At this point I was as hard as Dean was. It was such a turn on to see my wife making out and stroking another guy in our living room.

As she stroked she would stop for a bit then start again...Dean would work his body up and down to encourage her when she stopped. At one point when she stopped Dean took her head with one hand and tried to push it down on his swollen cock but she wouldn't go that far..she did finally let him feel her boobs and he began to unbutton her blouse. I was going crazy watching. I wanted to get my camera to take pics but didn't want to leave! Dean got her blouse open and was working on her bra snap as my wife slowly kept stroking. I couldn't believe she would let him take her bra off! Bra was a front clasp and he got it open and her boobs fell out, nipples as stiff as could be....she was clearly turned on. Dean's hand went into her pants and my wife let out an audible moan. He bent his head and began kissing and sucking her nipples....by his time I had my cock out and was stroking! I couldn't believe this was happening. It was my biggest fantasy! Finally my wife increased her stroking speed...Dean began to stiffen and I knew he was about to cum..He arched his back and pointed his loaded cock at my wife's chest and face...sure enough he blew all over her tits and face....a massive load...when he was done I think my wife realized what she had done with his cum dripping from her chin and her still erect nipples..she began to push him back slightly reluctant to have him finish by rubbing his spent cock on her breasts. I think a certain guilt crept in overcoming the alcohol, but I was too turned on by now to have them stop. I knew she was on fire and I told Dean to finish her with tongue. She looked at me in surprise, but I knew she wanted it. He knelt between her legs and brought to her to a shattering orgasm with his skillful tongue.

The next time we get together I have to think of a way to convince her to let Dean fuck her. Can't wait!