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This might as well be a Slave Auction Site?

What do you guys think about that? White Women and White Men looking for the perfect Buck to order. It sounds like to me as if we're no more than Chattel to some people on here. I want a hung, built, horse like, dark and well endowed guy for lease. Do you black guys think ur being used as an animal or real life person for their fantasies. Just Real Talk!!!
The same applies here as in the 'Using the n word' thread, it's all about context. Since this is a black on white cuckold site then white women / couples looking for black men is what it's about. Having said that, if there's any 'slavery' going on it's the white women who are black cock slaves, or white husbands who are slaves to their slut wives desires


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How is this any different than any other dating site out there? Simply because we are looking for black men makes it a slavery site? What about black only dating sites, are those black women looking for a black slave? Sounds like someone needs to educate themselves. Blacks weren't the only slaves and whites weren't the only slave owners. So by your definition, any site soliciting sex, dating, romance, or even employment could be considered "herding cattle".


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I prefer bull to buck.

I fulfill needs and desires of those women that choose to share my bed. I share my bed with who I choose when I choose so I hardly feel like I am being "ordered up". If I am being taken advantage of I certainly am enjoying it.
Very True Indeed. My experience dealing with white women is first u have to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. U know because of all these crazy stereotypes about black men portrayed on ur Six O'clock news scares off a lot of white women. That's why U don't judge a book by its cover.
People really don't care..... It's just sex, to them. All for a thrill... And If you checked the news lately people are being snatched up, and sold on the black market everyday.... And that doesn't seem to bother people! Start studying your lessons... We are living in the last days of time.