The White Man's Shortcummings ..err Shortcomings***: THE RISE OF BBC.

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    The white man did this, the white man did that.. so the fuck what?!?

    If you can't blow a bitch's back out 'til she catches a seizure, her visage distorts to retardation & her toes curl up like a pair of eagle's claws, you ain't done shit!

    A grown-ass white "man" is still fucking on the level of a 15-year-old black, teenage boy!

    It took centuries to perfect the strain of BBC genes we have today; each year we are swinging bigger, thicker & longer "monster cock" playtoys. White man grab your pen & pad & take note!
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    And we, the whites womens we are here to help replace of our defective genes by associating those of the BBC !
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