The Lady's Fantasy - Chapter 1

Lady Dionysus

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I am nervous, and yet, so intrigued. My husband has a surprise for me. He knows my fantasies, and I’ve often wondered if there would ever be a day that he would make one of them reality… Apparently that day is here and he has instructed me to get ready. I am to shower, and shave, make my skin smooth and silky to the touch. He inspects my work, and makes sure nothing has been missed. As he runs his fingers down the inside of my thighs, across my lips, and down to my ass, I catch my breath and involuntarily tremble. The excitement is electric.
He has chosen black, sheer lingerie, thigh high stockings and black heels for me. He helps me dress, taking care to caress my skin as he does so. He smiles. I have an idea what he has in store for me, but he will not confirm my suspicions. He runs his hands through my hair, catches the back of my neck and kisses me forcefully. “It’s time…” he says.
He picks up a red Mardi Gras mask that he has modified as a blindfold and ties it firmly, so I am unable to see. He then takes me by the hand and leads me away from the bedroom. I trust him completely, and follow without question. He guides me to another room and tells me to lie down. I feel the softness of a bed beneath my hands. He tells me to lie back and I move myself to the center of the bed. I feel the smoothness that I know is his leather cuffs as he takes my hands and slides them on. He pulls my hands above my head and secures them to the iron rods on the headboard of the bed I now know I have been led to. And suddenly I know the fantasy he is fulfilling. My heart starts to race in anticipation…

To be continued...