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“It drives you crazy doesn’t it Baby? So close to sliding it inside. I know right now your mind is filled with images from the past few hours; His big black cock stretching me open and filling me, his big balls slapping my ass, his butt clenching and back arching as he drove it deep one last time and ejaculated all that sperm inside me…you are dying to reclaim me. Look how hard you are!

But I love making you wait. With each passing second his sperm seek my egg. I am absorbing him and he is becoming part of me. Have you thought about tomorrow at breakfast? What will it be like when you look at me across the table? Each time you look at me you will be thinking the same thing; That big black stud fucked your wife. That horse-hung black stallion fucked my wife and filled her with his cum.

God! I think that is so hot!”