Tales from the QoS VIP Lounge - Q&A #1 with ♠️ BBC ONLY CPL ♠️

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    As hosted by: @bigblackbull76

    Interview with: @BBC ONLY CPL formerly known as "Tennesse Swing Set"(QoS VIP #1)

    Hometown: Somewhere in Caribbean Islands

    Nationality: 100% Carribean Dutch Sexy Phat Ass WhiteGirl (PAWG)

    Status: Married / BBC Slut / Queen of Spades

    BBB76: Hey there Mr. & Mrs. BBC ONLY CPL. So this is the most highly anticipated interview I've been waiting to do and I'm so excited and grateful like a star-wars geek waiting for the new movie to hit the theaters for this one.

    Thanks for sitting down and taking the time to do a Q&A with your ol' good Bull. We go way back and your the first couple I met off this site. Your of course honorary members of the QoS VIP lounge as one of the most truest couples who really live the lifestyle through and through to the fullest also. Free drinks for the rest of your life at the club here and red-carpet, special privilege and access anytime you come too.:sex::lips::qos:

    BBC ONLY CPL: Hey BBB76, thanks for inviting us to be included in the QoS interview process.

    BBB76: So lets kick this thing off and get to the good stuff. At what age did you begin the lifestyle of having sex with Black men?

    It was about 14 years ago, so my wife (but GF at the time) was 21 and I was 32.


    BBB76: Did your first experience with a Black man live up to your expectations?

    BBC ONLY CPL: Our first experience was good, but limited. We were invited to another couple’s house for a gangbang party for the female’s birthday. My wife was a “fluffer” and orally serviced the handful of guys invited. One guy was black and had a nice cock. Probably 8” but very thick.

    My wife’s eyes lit up when she got to blowing him… I knew she liked it.

    BBB76: Very interesting, I did not expect that your first time was like that and I imagined something much wilder, but nonetheless thats hot. So why did you begin the lifestyle of having sex with Black men?

    BBC ONLY CPL: After the GB party my wife and I discussed her continuing to play with BBC because of their size.. she agreed. She has a very deep pussy and we were frustrated trying to find white guys online that could satisfy her deep hole. So we started searching Craigslist for BBC. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time so we had some good options.

    BBB76: Were you always attracted to Black men or did it develop later, and what were the things that made them attractive to you?

    BBC ONLY CPL: It really started with cock size. When we started as “swingers” we mostly played with other white couples. When we started looking for hung single males for her it was difficult finding very well hung white males. Once we found some BBC’s for her she was hooked. A few guys seemed to be at my house numerous times a week to fuck her. She was
    really enjoying herself.


    BBB76: How do you let potential Black men know you are available?

 We basically only use online services to find playmates. Craigslist, BlackToWhite.net, ILoveInterracial.com, LifestyleLounge.com, SwingLifestyle.com. And soon she’ll be exposing her QoS tattoo on the beach to see if she can attract black men that might know what it stands for.


    BBB76: Are you exclusively fucking Black men?

    BBC ONLY CPL: She is 95% BBC only. There are just a few of our white male friends that can still fuck her, but since we have moved away from all of them unless they come visit us she will be fucking BBC only for now.


    BBB76: Do you wear QoS jewelry, tats and do you wear them out in public? Would you get a permanent QoS Tat?


    She has numerous pairs of panties that reflect she is a BBC QoS, but those aren’t seen by anyone but me or a playdate.. and yes she already has her QoS tattoo for over a year now. She is very proud to be a QoS and was excited to brand herself as such. She is currently purchasing bikini bottoms that will expose the tattoo so she can show it off at the beach and hopefully attract a nice BBC to service her.

    BBB76: What are some of your favorite IR sites, or porn sites other than Blacktowhite.net which we know is the best of course?

 ILoveInterracial.com, LifestyleLounge.com, SwingLifestyle.com

    BBB76: Did the overall experience with bringing a Black man into your relationship and sex life made it better or worse?

    BBC ONLY CPL: Swinging and the BBC lifestyle has made our relationship much, much better, in and out of the bedroom (but mostly in the bedroom). My wife deserves the best sex possible and BBC provides that on many levels. Size, stamina, contrast, taboo.. it’s all good and works for us.

    BBB76: Ok so for Mrs. BBC ONLY CPL, what advice do you have for other women considering this lifestyle and how do you manage it with your husband/boyfriend?

    BBC ONLY CPL: It’s just sex and fun. If it is something you & your spouse enjoy, there is nothing to difficult to manage. It just comes naturally for me. It’s like a fun night out and then life just goes on as usual. But I do recommend to have fun, be safe, and take pictures.

    BBB76: Mr. BBC ONLY CPL, what advice to you have for other men considering this lifestyle and how do you manage it with your wife/girlfriend?

    BBC ONLY CPL: This lifestyle is not for everyone. You must be very open and cannot have any jealousy or hang-ups. Your wife / GF must also be open to it and willing to try or want to do it too.. you cannot force or trick someone into it. And you don’t have to be “cuckold” to enjoy it.

    BBB76: They say that "the mind is like a parachute, it works best when its open". So I think for any couple that remains open minded, but like you say not have jealousy or hang-ups it could work for almost anyone. It's their feelings of jealousy, and hang-ups that prevent them from trying or enjoying it -imho.

    Now for the couple to answer together, what do you look for in selecting a Black man to meet and play with or a Black Bull. Any Blackmen or BlackBulls;) you would like to name that you had fun with and what was fun about the experience with them?

    BBC ONLY CPL: Cock size gets our attention first. Other factors include a good body, nice shape, athletic body, clean, not hairy, cut cock preferred, non-smoker, D&D free. BBB76 from B2W fucked her very well wink wink ; )

    My wife fucked porn star Richard Mann before he was known as such, she has had numerous BBC group encounters ranging from 2 to 4 at a time, and she even had BBC on our honeymoon night.. now that was a fun experience!

    DSCN0604.JPG DSCN0679.JPG

    BBB76: Many thanks for sitting down with me to have this interview and I highly enjoyed it. Now I can't
    stand all this talking anymore as you got me so hot and turned up! Move over on the sofa and lets have some fun with a little rub-a-dub-dub in the club.

    BBC ONLY CPL: We have enjoyed this lifestyle for about 14 years now and no plans to stop anytime soon. My wife is a full blown QoS and I’m very proud of her. She has fucked many BBC’s and our experiences have all been positive, except 1.. We look forward to the next chapter of our life on a tropical Caribbean island and hope to find even more BBC’s to satisfy her in bed.

    Hot @BBC ONLY CPL Videos

    Make sure to stop by and see more hot pics and flicks of real :qos: hot white wives and girlfriends at the QoS VIP Lounge page here:
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    Fabulous interview...you fucked Richard Mann, I bet he gave you a good time.
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    Wow wow wow incredible interview thank you so much! A great feature for this forum that really gives great insight into the lives of our members. Keep up the great work!
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    Mrs and Mr. BBC Only, Just wanted to say how much I loved this interview and how absolutely incredibly beautiful the Queen of your house is! Also I had a question, wondered if the Mrs. preferred having multiple men at a given time or preferred one on one encounters?

    BBC ONLY CPL Administrator Staff Member Real Person Gold Member

    She prefers 1 on 1, but every once in a while a group can be fun..
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    The thought of this gorgeous woman with a group of black guys gets me so horny
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    I enjoyed this interview and would enjoy getting to be friends and enjoy good times with you as well.
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    This interview is such a turn on! I love that her first experience was from being a fluffer & she just orally serviced one the first time!

    I can only hope my sex life will be this good one day! < with the right men >
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    Very fantastic interview! We have decided that we are both willing to try this. I am just wondering if you could point us into the right direction as far as BBC Bulls that are 8.5+ inches and have a thick girth. But also bulls that make the first time as comfortable as possible and actually want it to be a great experience for all. Thank you for any / all direction!
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    Will luv to help!:blackheart::help::D Pm me or send email to pr411g at gmail
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