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  2. K

    Nude beach Fantasy Question

    Does anyone else have a fantasy of being on a nude beach with your wife or girlfriend. Laying nude having a few drinks relaxing and here walks up a black bull hung like a horse just strolling down the beach. I've always fantasized that he would be black as coal about 6'4 thick, older and in his...
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  4. Needs a Southern Queen!!

    Needs a Southern Queen!!

    Any takers...
  5. Pounding that pussy Missionary-style

    Pounding that pussy Missionary-style

  6. Fucking a QoS Hotwife

    Fucking a QoS Hotwife

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    my bbc

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    My first time

    I watched a lot of IR porn and got stoned all summer , it burned in my head . but didn't know any blacks so kind of dismissed it. My home life sucked , I left home at 16. I lied about my age and got a job at a car wash down town on Broadway main strip . Lost of shopping , clubs, places to eat...
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    I love pics like these, where a Black man has his hands all a white woman's soft white belly. I love the connotation of ownership over her womb. Some are softcore, some are a little more explicit. But I love them all.
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    As A Black King, Who Will You Take and What Would You Do?

    Hypothetically, if you and 3 of your black buddies are gang members, which combination of 3 of these girls will you pick to take home and what would you do to them to make them as your sex slaves for 3 days?
  11. Hotwife fucking while husband films

    Hotwife fucking while husband films

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    Letting My Dick Hang
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  18. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    A little tease for my bunnies in this Easter season.
  19. Bbc enjoying My sexy Wife

    Bbc enjoying My sexy Wife

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    Are there any couples who enjoy it together

    Are there any couples who love to service black guys together at the same time, whether it’s one guy or a group of black guys.