Sudan inside Poland

Two years ago, me and my girlfriend were in Egypt for holiday. In the early days, we spent time together; swimming, eating, drinking shopping etc... It was all same and boring and we had still two weeks to stay. So we started look for something different, different activities. Luckily we realized some groups of young people get together on the beach at nights. Then we decided to meet with them and be friends. And in our fourth night we went down to the beach and get close to them and say "hi". Some of the people were a group of swedish students and others were all from the USA. There was only one local man among them.

The sudanese man whome I would mention in the rest of the story was a short, thick, muscled black skinned man. I can say that he had muscles from his feet to his head. He had very short hair and no moustache nor beard. He had a very thick and strong voice as how he looks. Later we would learn that his name is Mouzaffar which means "victorious" in english. During the night I pointed on attention on him because obviously he was staring at my girlfriend all night and I realized even he was trying to get a contact with her. And my friendly girlfriend didn't unnotice this high self confidence arab man...

We were having a real fun in that evening. The people were so cool and funny. We talk about everything; politics, sports, cultures and relations between men&women... Finally the sudanese man started the subject "why european women goes for middle eastern men?". A swedish girl said that because they are exotic for western women. Another said "because western men are so selfish", and an american girl said that "its just some women's taste" and later my girlfriend said that middle eastern men look more masculine and macho, they have man behaviours and most european men are weak and pathetics. I was surprised and said "Oh yeah?!" Then the sudanese man said directly because they are much better at sex! Everybody was surprised. Boys didn't mind about it but some girls laughed or make some exclamatory joyful voices..

Then my girlfriend said that "oooohhhh somebody has a lot of self confidence!" and then mouzaffar said "yeah! i have everything to have self confidence" and one american girl said "he has the balls" and then every body laughter and then he said "polish girls can find what they don't have in poland!" and we laughed :) then a swedish man said to me : "wow! it is a challenge to you!" and everybody agreed on that. Then the sudanesef man said "let's compare egpytian and polish man! If I win, I will have your woman and if you win, nobody will see me around. What about a wrestling?" and my girlfriend said "come on honey, it is just a wrestling, it will be fun and you are taller than him" and i had to accept this challenge. i stood up and he too. I was really much taller than him but he was very thick. I thought we look funny. Then we get the position to wrestle. We just started and what I remember is I was in his hands and I saw my feet on the sky and I was lying down on the ground. He defeated me in 3 seconds. When I got up I couldn't stand in balance even and everybody was laughing at me includes my girlfriend. Then he repeated the same maybe 5 or 10 times. He was lifting me up and then hitting me down on the ground. He was playing me as I am a little toy. Then he stopped but I couldn't stand up. I was lying down and saw that he jumped one or two times with showing his thick strong biceps and a swinging bulge under his light velvet short. He was the victorious!

After the wrestling, everybody had so much fun of that scenes. They were saying compliments about the sudanese man. He was so proud. And some other people were making jokes about our bet. They were asking me if I will keep my promise or leave Egypt immediately. One swedish girl said to my gf "you are gonna have a strong alpha man" and later she turned to me and said "ups! sorry! hehe". Then Mouzaffar turned to me and said "hey! remember my word I will have her!". I didn't answer but my gf said "well a bet is a bet and you won! hahaha" and then he replied "you remember my word too! haha... bye for now! Then we said bye to him.

On the way to our room me and my gf were talking about that night. I told her that I feel so embarrased because he played with me like a little toy. She said that I don't need to feel like that because it was just a game and it was fun. Also he wasn't only stronger than me, he was stronger than every men there and maybe the every men who she knows... I said that maybe I should ask for a revenge to him and she replied "are you crazy?????? Next time he will bury you inside the sands!". Then I shut up. Then she added "OMG! he was so cocky! How can he tell that he will have me, when I am with you?! He has an irritating self confidence".

Next days could be better, if Mouzaffar stopped teasing me and my girlfriend. Whenever and whereever we met, he was mocking with me and teasing my girlfriend. He was calling me as "Junior". He was always pointing that I physically inadequate and I have to go to gym or Egypt is not so safe and they might try to rob us and I can not protect her or when we go somewhere we should tell him to come with us so that there will be a man with us to protect her and etc... In the beginning those things sounded like stupid things but one day my gf twisted her ankle and it hurted her. Then she immediately said "Mouzaffar, I twisted my ankle; can you help me?" He just came to her and lift her and carried her in his arms. Later when we were in our hotel room my gf told me that luckily he was with us and he carried her but still his self confidence is provocative and he is such big headed cocky man. Then she added, if she dated with him, she would do it only for fun....

One day we decided to try the steam bath in the hotel. We wore our swimming clothes and took our towels and went there. It was a little room and a surprise was waiting for us in that evening. Mouzaffar was also there. He had become a total nightmare to me but at this time he was only sleeping with a towel covers his underbelly. His body strong and thick like an african bison. His muscles and veins were very noticable. On his arms, chest, legs... he had muscles everywhere He opened her legs and he was in a deep sleep. I said to my gf "finally he is harmless" and she said "come on he is funny". Anyway we were also relaxing there but suddenly his towel falled down while he was sleeping. Then everything was there opened, he was totally naked. We were both shocked of this view. Especially my gf was totally hypnotized with her wide opened blue eyes and mouth. He had a huge piece of meat in his pubics. His penis looked like a sleeping, huge, terrifying, predator animal or a scary weapon from middle age or such chubby juicy tropical fruit... It didn't look like only a baby maker; you could think that you could make a human farm by this at least 17 cm(unerected) and thick dark sudanese meat and balls like muscatel apple or huge walnuts... When you see his big lips, undefeated strong muscles, strong chest, strong legs and huge thick manhood, you could think that here god of fertility sleeps in front of us. He was all the time competing with me and I had no chance anymore. My girlfriend just saw his biggest weapon in this competition. He was a kind of overman. I felt useless when I faced to that scene. After that it was a torture to be there. There were only three of us there but I couldn't stand this view and I insisted to leave there. In the beginning she couldn't hear me at all but later she accepted. We didn't talk on the way to our room. Her mind was in a totally different place. She didn't talk to me at all. She directly went to bed and couldn't sleep I checked internet or tv so that I can stop thinking about some scenes which makes me feel so weird in my stomach.

In the morning of next day started like any other day. We never talked about it. We just went to eat breakfast. We saw some friends and they invited us to the party in the evening. We thought that it would be fun and we were almost in the end of our Egypt vacation. In the meanwhile I was thinking about last evening and wishing not to see Mouzaffar breakfast saloon or walking with his godlike manhood in the in the corridors of the hotel.

By the evening, we ate dinner and start to prepare for the party at night. My gf wore a white mini tight dress which explicits every curve on her body. She looked like a ginger sex bomb in that night. Anyway we went the club and almost all of our friends were there includes Mouzaffar. He was in a dark suit and a white shirt. He looked such macho in this costume. When my gf saw him she said "wow! such a charming arabic man! White shirt on dark skin, perfect!" and she stared at her from the top till feed. Then he made some compliments about her look "you also look so hot! can you turn around?" She turned around herself and he checked her body out and especially his eyes were locked on her ass. Later we drank a little and talked. Then he asked her "Let's dance" and she said "yup! ok!" and they went to the dancefloor. While they were going to the dancefloor and his huge dark hands were on her graceful waist. I felt that I can not sit and wait for them because obviously they were flirting in front of me. In the beginning they were dancing smooth just staring at each other and even not touch each other. Then another song started and and he immediately pushed her to himself and hold her waist with his two hands. Now the distance was totally removed and she was randomly stroking his thick arms or his waist. They had a eye contact like the eyes were locked at each other. I was trying to think positive... I was trying to think he is even shorter than him and it mustn't be her type but at the same moment a fever was raising up from my stomach to lungs... Then she turn her back to him rob her ass on him. He hold her belly with two hands and stroking her body and she was pushing her ass on him harder. When their dance ended I notice a very big bulge on his trouser. I felt broken. He looked like a bull who is ready to fertilize his broodmares and she looked like she was also ready to fecundated by her stallion. And me?! I was only a relationship... Then while we were drinking, his drink fallen off on his shirt and trouser and he said that he has to go to his room and change his clothes. My gf said that she will go with him too. I had to follow them and we went to his room all together.

He directly entered the bathroom. She told me that she needs to take a shower as well and she tent to enter the bathroom. I said "but he is in bathroom, wait till he comes out." She said that "so what? we have seen her naked before! I will only remind him to hurry up" I said "but..." then she entered inside and I followed her. He was taking off his clothes. She told that she wanted to have a shower as well and he should hurry. He replied that she has to wait or she can take a shower with him. He finally had only his brief which is tight and white Calvin Klein. In that moment my gf was looking askance at his big bulge with half grin and a very clear adoration. She was lost she was smoothly biting her little finger. The finally he offed her underwear and he was totally naked. She was speechless and breathing deeply. Then he asked her: "you don't have a shower? Get naked! Need help?" She couldn't answer. He just took her off her dress with one lunge. I objected "Heeeyyyy!!!" but none heared me. She had only her bra and panty. Then she took them off herself and he pulled her under the water and now they were under the water together. I was in a shock. My girlfriend and an arab man with a huge manhood were under the same showerhead and they were naked. There was nothing to protect her pussy from this big wild arab cock. They were cleaning and foaming each other. Then he started to touch her pussy. She cracked a laughter and he continued. She asked "Heeyyy what are you doing?" He said " I am just playing... It is a kind of joke, don't worry." I said "Come on man, he is my girl!!!!" After that he inserted his two fingers inside her pussy and started to fingering her. He was doing it harder and faster, harder and faster and finally she looked like unconscious. She only could twine her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder and moan... He was fingering her pussy faster and harder, in every hit her ass was trembling like a jell, faster and harder and faster and harder and she was moaning and breathing deeper and deeper and eventually she screamed and started to and trembling... She was breathing deep. She got orgasm with his fingers... I was influenced! We were together for 1 year and he did what I couldn't with only his two fingers...

She needed to sit down on the ground after this finger orgasm. Meanwhile he was drying himself with a towel. A few minutes later she stood up and get dry too. She had a very pleasent smile on her face and she was looking at him only. She didn't say anything to me. Then he pulled her over himself again and held his cock and started to beat her pussy smoothly. She said "what are you doing?, are you planning to insert your thing in front of my future husband? No way!" then he shoved his cock head in her then pull out but he was keeping on beating her pussy smoothly. She screamed a little and told me I should say something to him because this sudanese bull already inserted his cockhead in her and the rest was on the way but I thought that if I intend to touch him, he will kill me by one fist. So I said "hey! what you do is not nice Mouzaffar, she is my girlfriend" and after my words he started to shov his cock in her body. She screamed and I said "NOO" but he inserted almost entire cock. She was breathing deep and looking at his eyes. I was shocked and frozen but honestly although it was killing me till that moment, I liked and appreciated what he did. It was so exciting to see a real man inserts his big monster cock in my sweet sexy girl. Then he did his last action and put his cock to the root in her. She screamed open her blue eyes wide and hold him tight. She was breathing deeply and in every breath her seesaw stomach was touching his strong stomach. Her breasts were on his strong chest. He had her... He became her man! She was touching his shoulder with one of her hands and her other hand was on his strong and shaped dark ass. Then he pulled his 26 cm big thick dark cock out of her white silky body. Her cock was totally wet now.

He said "shall we go?" and she noddled her head and jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his body and he was holding her ass with his both hands. He carried her to the bed and I followed them. He bedded her and started to shov his cock slowly in misionar position. She had closed eyes and and she was moaning. He was getting faster and finally I could hear his balls voice thurst her pussy. She was moaning and groaning. In one moment she wrapped her legs so tight around his body and started kiss his lips. It was a very moist kissing really. Very moist and noisy. It was wrestling of their tounges and her lips were melting under his big lips. In the meanwhile, he rooted his cock in her and she was massaging his balls with hand and other hand was slapping his ass. And I was watching a dark strong sudanese man was making my girl discover her femme nature desires.

After some minutes in missionar position and he pulled his cock out of her body. Then she winked at him and moved to his cock and she hold his cock. She started to kiss and suck this big meat but she wasn't experienced in oral sex and also this cock was too big for her. So Mouzaffar leaded her and told her what she should do. She was a good pupil, she get it and she started to take this big meat like a porn star. A few minutes later she had all 26 cm in her throat. Her blue eyes were open wide and I saw tears there and her throat was filled by a big piece of salami. She was taking this cock so appetitefully and she was slubbering. Then she started to lick the balls which each of them has size of muscatel apples. I almost thought that she would swallow these balls. What she did wasn't only a simple oral sex, she was worshiping his puissant and plentiful manhood. Well as a woman she also had curvy shaped legs, bubble ass and boobs like casaba melons and cherry lips. So I could admit that it was a fair match between a sudanese bull and a polish beauty.

Then they stopped oral and she stood on her fours. It surprised me because we have never tried doggy style. Then he stand behind her and shoved his entire cock in once. She ouched and crack a laughter. Then he started to pound her. He was getting faster and faster. With every thrust I was hearing her balls voice on her pussy and seeing her trembling boobs back and forth. Then he started to slow down. He pull out his cock of her pussy and later inserted again slowly. He repeated it some time. Then he pulled out it and put on her back. It was amazing to see where this huge cock can reach in her body. Then he inserted again and started to hit her pussy inside. This time he was seriously hard on her. She was screaming so loud and I observed she was cumming. Finally she couldn't stand on her arms anymore and lie down on the bad. Her butt was still up but he was keeping on hitting hard so finally she downed her legs too. She was lying down on the bed and he was on her. He pulled out his cock and lie down on the bed. I thought that he was done and tired but no! She mounted on him this time.

She sat down on his cock slowly. I saw how his big thick strong dark cock disappeared cm by cm inside her hot beautiful white body! Finally I could see only his balls. Her hands were on his chest. She started to ride him. She was curling her waist while she was riding him. Then she started to bounce on him and then he got crazy!!! He started to get her bounce on him and then he straighten up and hold her waist and told her to wrap his body with her legs. She did. Then he lift her up in this position and started to fuck her. Then he lie her back down on the wall and fucked her. He was screaming! I got that he cum into her. They cum together again.

I told only the some parts of our adventure. When we first meet with him, he told that he will has my girl and it was a challenge. So he did! Why not? He is the man he has the balls...