Stretching out my wife...

For some reason I've always been attracted to big time sluts. And for me, I always liked loose pussy. I also happen to have a pretty big cock (for a white guy) I'm about 8" long and 2" thick. Women always told me how big I was, etc. which always actually annoyed me, and I always desired to be with a woman for whom my cock wasn't big enough.

I was with an older woman after college for about 2 years, who cuckolded me. She was really hot. We even lived together for about 9 months and she had sex with other men, both on her own and in front of me. She had a loose pussy, but still enjoyed my cock.

When I met my now wife, she was a big slut with a loose cunt. The 3rd or 4th time we were together I almost fisted her, but she couldn't quite take it, but she had a gaping hole which was very hot. She also told me that she had cheated on everyone she had ever been with previously, which was a huge turn on for me.

I continued to work at stretching her pussy, getting big dildos, etc., but she still wasn't able to quite take a fist and still held to the idea that a "tight pussy" was good and that she didn't want to get too stretched out.

Having kids finally changed that. Once she had her first I was able to fully fist her, to her delight. Then we actually had the discussion about, "But don't you want me have a tight pussy?" and I was like, "No, I want you to enjoyed being filled as much as you possibly can," plus, she loves anal and her ass is still tight.

So we got some bigger toys and she enjoyed it, then we had our second kid, but then, as can be expected, our sex life declined for about 2 years, cause a house full of crying babies tends to do that...

Then I started watching porn with her and we started picking things back up. I watched lots of interracial porn with her and would talk to her about it, etc. and use a big black dildo on her while watching it and telling her how hot her pussy looked with a big black cock in it.

With increased fisting she was getting really loose again and we talked about how a big black cock could fill her up. So I finally talked her into it and we setup a hotel night and I arranged for someone to meet us and it was a great time. We had a threesome, with him in her pussy and me in her ass.

We've done it one more time after that as well.

And since then she's become much more receptive of fisting as well. Over the past few months she's really embraced it and is really letting me stretch her out. I've watched some double vaginal porn with her and she's said she wants it.

A few weeks ago was the first time she actually asked me to fist her. We started having sex missionary and immediately when I put it in she was wide open and it was like sticking my cock into an open hole. I immediately started pulling it all the way our and ramming it all the way in and after 10 or 12 thrusts like that she said, "I think you need to fist me," and that alone almost made me cum.

So I started fisting her, then she got on her knees and I spread her hole wide and I was licking her ass and her pussy and saying how I bet two big black cocks in her pussy at the same time would fill her up, and she was like, "Yeah, stretch me out so I can take two cocks," and I was like holy fuck, I was so hard. I fisted the hell out of her and was plunging my fist in and out of her and her pussy was gaping huge and I was telling her how wide open her pussy was and how it was ready for two cocks.

Then she finally came hard while I was tonguing her ass and fisting her hard.

She's been really hot since then, I've fisted her 4 times since that night.

I think she's finally stopped worrying about pleasing my cock and embraced herself. She always said, half jokingly, that she married me for my cock, but this past weekend we were flirting and I said something about having a big cock for her and she said, "I'm not sure its big enough any more," which was so fucking hot, and I said, "I don't think it is!"

We went out that night and she was openly checking out other guys and talked about them with me for the first time, which was really hot. I fucked her in the ass in the car on the way home, but then after the baby sitter left she said she was horny again, so I started fisting her (she was pretty drunk) and she really let loose. She started talking about how she wants two black cocks in her pussy at the same time, and she wants me to watch them use her. She said my cock's not big enough for her pussy any more, and it's all my fault cause I stretched her out. Then she was like, "You gonna let me have a black boyfriend now since you stretched me out?" and I was like "Yeah, I want you to find a big black stud to fill you up," and she was like, " Mmmhmm, him and his friends."

So it seems that all these years of stretching her out is finally paying off. But realistically, we're too busy to fully embrace the lifestyle, so it will have to be an occasional thing, but I can't wait to see her pussy hanging open wide after taking two BBCs at the same time. In the mean time I'll be sure to keep her cunt stretched and loose.
My wife has the tightest pussy I've ever had, and I am small. It is almost as tight as her ass.

I've often fantasized about how her pussy would change after a relationship with a hung black man. I fantasize about her formerly tight pussy being loose and gaping. That would be so hot!
I love loose pussy. Let her go out with bbc all the time. Stretching takes time. Longer if theyre older. Ideally a gal needs to be taken over n over when she young. Real young. Thst helps make for good loose wide open pussy. I like it sloshy too. Ummmm.


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I love loose pussy. Let her go out with bbc all the time. Stretching takes time. Longer if theyre older. Ideally a gal needs to be taken over n over when she young. Real young. Thst helps make for good loose wide open pussy. I like it sloshy too. Ummmm.
She has real meaty cunt lips too. I've been told by other guys they would get more elongated after a lot of BBC. I don't know if that's true but it's hot to think about.
My wife has had a lot of sex with lots of different men, mainly before she and i met. When I met her we fucked the first night and 20 odd years later we are still together with a grown up family.
One of the many things i loved about her was that she has pussy lips that hang down and are (in her words) "messy". This is a massive turn on for me especially as she has always had a loose pussy as well.

Ladies with big open loose pussies are the best ever for me.


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Even after having 4 kids and fucking more than 300 big black cocks men over the last 15 pussy is considered tight for other black men who told me it was so tight although I think it is stretched but the fact that pussy is very elastic it goes back to its original shape unless you fist it daily or use huge dildo to dilate it but just fucking big cock men won't really stretch it that much. This is my experience but I don't know about other women own experience.


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Ive been for 6 years fucking black men steady and alot,sometimes 2 or 3 per day and my husband says my pussy is a whole lot looser then when we met!And it is,hubbys little white dick cant even stay inside my gaping pussy any more!But its still nice and tight for all my fine black lovers who fuck me again and again!I only want to please my big strong black masters!And I do please them well!