Sold (a fantasy)

First attempt at a fictional story. I'll ad more if yall like it.

The last thing I remember was talking to a charming guy in the casino bar. When I awoke it was dark, and I couldn't move. I could feel my legs and my hands were tied. He must have slipped something into my drink somehow. As my eyes adjusted I tried to figure out where I was. I was moving, I must be in the back of a trailer. It's cold and I can hear the sound of the tires on the road. I'm not alone. I can almost make out at least two others with me. I call out to them but there is no response. I try to move but my legs are still numb. I feel the truck stopping. The doors of the trailer open and I'm blinded by the lights. Several men pick me and the others up and drag us down a hall and into seperate rooms. My hands are still bound but I can start to feel my legs. I struggle as I stand and look around. There is nothing in this room but the door that's locked, a small prison like bed, and a mirror on the opposite wall. I realize the. that they have changed my clothes, they took my id and phone and all I'm wearing is a tank top and panties.

I hear a voice over the speaker that tells me to face the mirror. When I do the door opens and two men enter the room. The walk me out further down the hall and into the backseat of a car. Inside is a man. He's an older black man with an accent that I cannot place. He's smoking a cigar and the smoke fills the car. I cough as the door is closed behind me. The Man commands the driver to go. He tells me that I am now his. I try to object when he slaps me. He tells me that he paid fr me and that I belong to him. He tells me that he is taking me back to his country and that I am to be his newest girl in his harem. Again I try to object and reach for the handle but the door won't open. The Man pulls me by my hair towards him and sticks a needle in my neck and everything fades out.

Everything's fuzzy. It's hot and the air is stale. My hands are free and I'm dressed in a short negligee. I alone in a room on a bed. I get up and walk to the window and look out. I can't tell where I am. The Man come into the room dressed in a robe. He commands me to get on my knees. I beg him to let me go. Again he strikes me. He says that if I displease him he will hurt me again. I get on my knees and with a crooked smile he takes of his robe. He stands in front of me with his black cock partially erect. He tells me to take it in my hand and stroke it. I do as I'm told. It begins to get harder and he moans softly. He grabs my head and pushes my face against his hard cock. Afraid that I'll be hit again I open my mouth and he forces his thick black dick deep into my throat. I gag and cough,choking on him but he doesn't let go. Tears are running down my cheeks as I choke. Finally he releases my head and I collapse gasping for air. He grabs me by the hair and pulls my back up and shoves his dick into my mouth again. He thrusts in and out fucking my face relentlessly. I can hardly breathe and can feel that I'm covered in spit. He releases my hair and pushes me to the ground. He pulls my hips upward and pushes my back down. With a single forceful thrust he pushes his entire cock into my pussy. I cry in pain. It hurts, but he just continues to thrust. I can feel him thrust harder until he pushes as deep as he can. I can feel his cum inside me. He pushes my ass forward causing me to fall face first into the floor. Without a word he leaves.

A few moments pass before another door opens. A girl, about my age comes in and wraps a blanket around me. She helps me up and walks me into the other room. She tells me that it will get better. The Man is always tough the first time. She tells me her name is Lela. That she was sold to The Man 2 years ago. I am scared an confused but she assures me that it's not so bad. She helps me into a large bath. The water is warm and the whole room smells nice. Lela washes me off and brings me new clothes. She leads me to the adjoining room which has a few beds in it.

Over the next few days I learn the routine. I wake up and must go to The Man's room and prepare his breakfast. While he eats we are made to stand behind him. In the evening we are to prepare his dinner. While he eats, Lela and I are his entertainment. We are told to strip and dance for him. He gives his commands for us to caress each other. Before long he wants us to kiss and nibble each other. Lela is more dominant and takes control from here. She lies me back on the table and kisses down my neck. She gently squeezes my breast and pinches my nipple. As she kisses down my neck she licks and nibbles my nipples making them hard and stand up. She slowly slides a single finger into me. It feels so good that I moan with pleasure. Slowly she kisses down my stomach before licking softly on my clit. She swirls her tongue around and softly nipples my wet pussy. Then she begins to slide a second finger in me. When she feels my body clinche she curls her fingers inside me pushing against the g-spot sending me over the edge. My body writhes in orgasm. The Man gets up and walks over to us. He pulls out his hard black dick and slides it into my open mouth. I don't care what he's doing to me all I can feel is the extacy that Lela is causing. He rotates my body and thrusts his cock into my dripping pussy. It is much easier to take his thick cock when I'm relaxed and wet. Lela straddles my face and lowers here sweet pussy to my lips. I lick and nibble her causing her to moan. She grinds herself against me and with her hand rubs my pussy as I get fucked. The Man doesn't last long when he pulls out showering us both with his hot sticky cum.

More to come...
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