Size Comparisons. How Do You Compare?

A lot of guys seem to like the black and white comparison pics. I want to know where you stand. Which pic do you compare to. And can you prove it?

Which cock do you most compare to? Flaccid first.



Now, how do you compare erect?







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Le yawn... This again?

Here is a site many will enjoy playing with:

The US Dollar is actually 6'' long. Put that piece of paper over the TOP of your fully hard cock to get a true idea of where you stand length wise...

As for girth, the best way is:

NOTE: Be sure to use string to measure circumference. A tailors tape or flexible ruler will not provide
accurate measurements.

Most guys don't want to measure at all...

Just note there is a whole subculture, gay and straight, who are into exercising the penis to make it bigger. I even talked about that in detail in another thread. The men take real measurements and use weights, pumps, manual exercises and other ways to (over the course of years) gain length and girth. Images 6 and 7 that have the ruler next or or sort of near the cock is not a correct way to get an accurate number for sizing.

Measure up?

At the end of the day: Have more fun USING YOUR COCK then just measuring it, okay? Some dudes (usually those with less then 8'') are overly obsessive on size and oddly fixated with comparison and data on how fat or long a rod is...

Orgasms, for the guy, feel good if you are 9 or 4 inches...