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sites/community like this

I agree. This is a very good site and getting better. There do seem to be a lot of people dedicated to the 'lifestyle' here. I'm a white male cuck wannabe looking for a white female partner who likes black men and I'm don't know of another site where I'm as likely to find a possible partner.


Gold Member
All sites including this one are quite dynamic. There seems to be a core group here that set the tone for this part of the site. There are areas on this site that I don't visit because they don't interest me, but i am sure there are a few people there that set the tone. I think administration here is probably better than most but I enjoy the site so my opinion is undoubtedly biased. There seems to be a number of more mature men and women here that if they aren't well educated are very intelligent. As for me I am an old man that loves white pussy, and I try to help others learn from my experiences although the education is hardly one sided.