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should cucks service

should cuckolds be forced to service the bull

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While I voted "Depends on the Relationship", I see I actually erred in voting as I only looked at your Topic Title "Should Cucks Service" and not as closely the poll question "Should cuckolds be forced to service the bull?"

Should cuckolds service the bull? That is dependent on the situation and the relationships involved.
Should cuckolds be forced? If one is talking about true force or coercion- NEVER!

Involving the bull's friends becomes a whole different can of worms considering STD/STIs and such, so that again depends on the relationships, but even then, NEVER by true force.
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I didn't vote because there weren't enough options ... :confused:

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Being judgmental isn't so much the issue, as we are all judgmental and that is a large part of what conversation is about.
However, being judgmental in a courteous and civil manner is very much an issue here. As long as everybody plays nice- no name calling, degrading remarks or aspersions, we will all get along fine. It's OK to agree to disagree, have opinions and even be judgmental. Just do it nicely.
That is my Mr. Rodgers moment for the day.


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The first time my wife Susie and our friend Axel had sex over the sofá from our living room, despite I assisted my wife sucking his cock, later, when they were fucking in missionary, I held Axel's feet, because his body was sliding due the sofá leather.
How many bulls and wives think that the hubby should provide oral service to the bull and his friends whenever told to and how many believe that the cuckold should submit to anal use
I know some people disagree but as a white guy I definitely feel like it's my responsibility to give up my mouth or ass to a bull. I've had it happen with a few different girls and I'm actually usually glad when it happens.

It had happened to me a few times with one of my other friends but the first time it was on a regular basis was with my neighbor in college who would let me clean up after her when she had sex. After a party one night I was holding her hand while she was getting fucked by a guy who was her almost BF. Out of nowhere he grabbed my hair and put my head on her stomach and then told me to open my mouth. He kept pumping her and told me to keep it open and that he was about to cum. He pulled out of her and shoved himself in my mouth and busted. He moved me to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed and kept his dick in my mouth while they talked/laughed and she got dressed.

After that I was on his dick a lot... He was pretty big for a white guy and it was a lot of fun. Natalie started giving me sucking lessons and we would have "Chad penis appreciation" days lol