Rich white men and Black blessed Bulls

When it's big it IS superior :), we tried two and they were great. But, we must add, big white cock is superior too :), we had plenty of them and it was (it is) FUN.


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Most of the women I share my bed are upper middle class or better. I think for a lot women it is a bit of a revenge thing. Their husband may be bringing a good income and keep them in a nice Benz or Bimmer but he isn't interested or doesn't have time to do his homework. In a sense I am the ultimate revenge. The sex is taboo, her toes get curled, and it's all because he ignored her. If she finds out that not only is he ignoring her but he is banging a secretary/girlfriend/mistress she will likely also want to fuck not only me but a couple of my friends. And she will likely do it without him having a clue