Religion & Interracial Sex

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    The question of religion in a woman’s sex life can be seen from either side of the coin with equal arguments to match. By this I mean that it plays both good and bad roles, depending on which way you want to look at it. Most would consider the thought of having sex before marriage as bad, even worse to think of them having sex with another man even while they’re already married as something damnable. Though we’d consider such women who allow religion to strong-arm them from enjoying their life as people stuck in a closet (that’s not pun referencing being gay, mind you), and for such women, they’re known to carry the image of sex as a deepening burden, when really it ought not to.

    I want to ask the question: How much does your respective religion have any influence as regards to your choice of indulging in interracial sex?

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    You know, DSoul, you always ask probing, intelligent questions. With my ex-wife, she was a staunch Catholic. From the Philippines. She played around at opening up our marriage, but was never serious about it. My fiance is very serious about it, even though she is Catholic and filipina, as well. There is a difference in attitude. A hubby can tell.