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Real (QOS) Queen Of Spades

King of the Swirl

Real Person
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I'm wondering how many women actually wear QOS tattoo's either Temp or Perm out in Public.
I see many many pictures on this site and others with Queen of Spades tattoos, But I have never
seen a woman with one actually out in public. Just wondering is this something that is cool to see and talk about on the internet, but very few woman actually really wear this symbol out in public. Have any black men on here
ever seen a woman out in public with a QOS tattoo ?? And if you did , Did you approach her ??


Sweet & Cordial
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I'd always suggest going with temporary tattoos, at least initially. Much, much easier to deal with when the time comes for it not being convenient for having a tattoo.
Here's a site that advertises them, and they're relatively cheap ... like $2 a piece.
I think these tattoos send out a clear message, and once the mission is accomplished, you can wash it off and start over when the next bbc urge strikes. ;)



Real Person
You can see Tammy's in my avatar. Hers is high enough that she can pull her pants down to show it off when she wants to. When we go to clubs or parties, she's usually wearing a dress. If she sees a guy who she thinks would like it, she just pulls up her dress enough to show it to him. Between the tattoo and the fact that she's showing her ass to show it to him, it always gets the guy's attention. Of course, we mostly go to swingers' clubs and parties so showing her ass off isn't as shocking there.


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Mines similar to Tammy, I had mine on my left ass cheek/lower back. Again because i can show it or not depending on the clothes im wearing and where i go to. Like Mac said its best to get a temporary one first, i did before having a permanent one.
Some black guys now know what it is, some ask what it means.


after i heard about it..( like i said its not known here in germany) i was really into that..
and i will try to spread the meaning also here in germany as good as i can..
but im planing to go for vacations to the states next year and i will enjoy that time as much as i can..
dont wanna waste time to talk a lot before.. so i guess it is a statement when i will have it on a place where everyone can see it well.. i hope that vacations will bring me lots of bbc fun.. cant wait for it

Jason Londoners

Gold Member
lol.. so u will show my tattoo here on the page..?? for that u have to come over to take the pic by ur own...
I will take no one but 2000 pics about it!!!
1-features of tattoo
2- remark on the skin
3/4/5/6 - the tattoo artist is making the tattoo
7/8 - when it is done
9-15- when we fuck
.....some in public place
.....again when we fuck, but outside!!!
.... :) :) :)