Reading my Wife's Diary


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My wife has kept a journal/diary since she was a little kid. She has every single one stacked in the closet just begging me to read them, and I do because I'm so curious. The ones from her childhood and high school years are boring as hell. However, her university years are not. Apparently she was crazy promiscuous once she started college and developed a fascination for black men. There were plenty of eager men to choose from. She would regularly let these black studs have their way with her. She went into great detail recounting when and where they fucked, the positions they used, even the size of their cocks!

Some people would get mad, but not me. When I read it I get so fucking turned on that it's impossible to move on with my day until I jerked off. Reading about her getting nailed by two black guys just drives me wild. The idea of her sucking some dude off makes me want her more than I ever did before. I know I'm fucked up, and maybe so was she, but now I'm addicted. I wonder what her current diary has to say!