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Question for the Cuckolds here

Would you rather be abused/degraded by a Bull or Watch your wife Fuck someone else?

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Real Person
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So I feel it necessary to post this - and find out once and for all what you all think?

So I have been approached in the last month by 3 cuckolds, all white, all pathetic and all with tiny, tiny dicks.

They want me to Dom them online, and torture their fragile psyches...They want to pay me for this abuse. I do not want the money, I dont need it, but what if I created a paypal account for all of you cuckolds to dump money into it. And we can do a contest, and the winners will get prizes or something that I'll buy with the funds?

Its just an idea off the top of my head, i have not thought this through, but figured id put it out there.