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how many ' nuts ' with a White Woman makes you happy....

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  1. straightdrop

    straightdrop Active Member

    I unlike some men [ not all ] have a problem busting a nut and stopping [ having sex ] I know alot of men get off one time and there done , My problem is once i start to hear the woman moan on every stroke and see her shake i tend to keep going like the ' energizer bunny ' . Do any of men have this problem? Women do you tend to fill the same way just turn this story around..?????
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  2. adpet1001

    adpet1001 Well-Known Member

    Hi Petra here, until my IR journey started last Aug, me and my bf always were a once each couple, but my first black encounter, was with 2 younger guys and they managed 5 between them, god knows how many times I did.
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