Question for all the ladies....


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I'm fairly new to this and I'm not the typical "cuckold" I have no problem getting girls and I'm not into being submissive But my question is now that I'm single where do you find a woman that is into this lifestyle?
You're not a typical "cuckold", you aren't submissive. What "lifestyle" are you talking about?
I think it is probably sort of like for us, once you start hanging around one black guy, and you meet some of his boys, you run into others....and it just grows organically in that manner, so you end up making friends of friends....people with similar interests, etc. good luck
I think he's hoping that a girl like you will respond "Oh, I have a single friend who likes Black Cock and wants a white boy round the house". But let's face it, that set of circumstances are rare. Perhaps he should start with the swinger sites and target girls who list Black Men as their 'friends'.