Public Interracial Sex At A Home Depot

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This was a funny tale... A couple made the news for fucking in a display storage shed in a Home Depot. A black guy fucked his white lady friend but all did not end well: The pair were arrested! Oh well...

Next time he should spring for a hotel room methinks. You can read the police report shared to the media.


The couple:

shed sex couple.jpg

The story:

While it is a bit racists, I had the biggest laugh reading the remarks on his bit of fluff news. One joker wrote:

Isn't the shed the proper place for a hoe and a spade?
So Evil... Yet I admit to laughing.

So Home Depot is the rendezvous spot for IR hook ups? Who knew... Lowes is jealous I am sure.

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Looks like she still had a bit of a smile in her mug shot..............;).
Probably since she had sperm still leaking out of her... That makes girls smile in a naughty way.

I recall at the start of this summer my mother asked me to take her to a few garden stores to get flowers she could plant. I took her to Jayson Home [fancy ass joint in Chicago] looking to be done in one trip yet somehow I wound up driving her to a Home Depot as well that was just up the road (North Ave if you know the city).

She was getting flowers there and I was just hanging out. There was this stunning blonde lady. She had to be 5'10'' naturally since she was a touch over six feet in heels. Yes, she was wearing heels at Home Depot. She had a perfect manicure, tight designer jeans and a sex blouse on. Her age was mid twenties from how toned she looked. All the men could not help by peep this woman. A few wives there with their husbands even had that 'bitch' vibe toward the lady since the lady was light years hotter then any other woman presently there. That sort of female jealously and pecking order mechanic...

She did almost seem out of place in a store where you buy a drill, handle oily pipe fittings and get sacks of dirt and furnace filters. She was outdoors in the garden zone with other people and she was looking at plants. The man she was with was a black dude.

The two were obviously a couple since she would pick up, awkwardly, small plants or containers of plants while trying to not get her hands dirty. She would then tell her man to put them in the cart and he'd get the plants and do the heavy lifting. This girl was smoking hot.

I checked out the guy trying to place him as some athlete or celebrity. Yes, yes... I know all black guys have 15'' cocks and their pimps hands are strong and all the white chicks just fall into their laps... Maybe my late night clubbing ways have made me a touch cynical but when there is a MODEL HOT CHICK all dolled up in the middle of the day at some normal locale in the city and she is with a black dude, 7 of 10 times the black guy is some baller or athlete or person of distinction. Not to say normal black men don't get very hot white women... I just know but what I have encountered more often then not.

I have seen actual model chicks and girls who are that caliber of hot with sort of dopey white dudes when I was at Whole Foods a few times. When I did look twice I notice the men with gals were with were all White Sox players... It made sense then why some dazzling beauty who was overdressed, yet half naked, for a grocery store was paired up with Joe jeans and t-shirt... Same is true for black guys with top level white girls in many cases since they are guys like all men...

Anyway, this man was just a normal guy. They were a romantic couple since after the cart was loaded up she kissed him on the mouth in a sensual act. There were not friends and that was clear and her PDA showed that. I did scope them out, as I love checking out sexy women yet don't care too much for who they are with, since it was also clear he was mildly annoyed at his task of fetch and load the cart with flowers for his girlfriends.

If I could read his mind he must have been thinking "Shit! This girl has me buying her flowers and loading them up for her. How did I get into this commitment?" I bet that pussy was good and had him mesmerized... LOL! He went with her game plan however.

She was very, very sexy and a real head turner. I now think of that sighting since the sex in a shed store came up... I am not the sort of guy who jumps and thinks 'Oh wow! An Interracial Couple!" when I see romantic pairs of difference races in public. I fuck and date many white girls yet I too go with more then my share of non white ladies...

Still, I now think back on this and wonder how how it would have been if those two had fucked in a shed or in the car in the parking lot... Ah, the mind and it's perverse fiction on what might have been based off a memory...

I would not have minded seeing the flower shopping blonde get black fucked. God that would have been HOT! I would not mind fucking her senseless either yet while I can be sure I most likely won't run into her again, that true babe was getting some black cock and that WAS A FACT!


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As funny as all this is, how many of us can actually say we've never done something this daring & silly in our lifetime? It's just a matter, for most of us, of not getting caught in the act as they did.

Can't say I've thought of using the utility sheds at Lowes or Home Depot, but my wife and I have had some rather risky sex in public places. I particularly recall her giving me a BJ in a Penny's dressing room once. And, during the 2001 Kentucky Derby, a young man & woman (in their 20's) were tossed out of a well known restaurant, by the management, for having sex in a stale of the ladies bathroom .... I personally witnessed that. Had they selected the men's bathroom, I'm pretty sure they would have gotten away with their fun, other than the long line that would have probably formed outside the men's bathrooms. :)
Would have been even better if she was married to someone else (a white boi) and he found out about his wife on the news like this. But married women fucking black men without their husbands knowledge is rare these days.

Anyway South Carolina and a shed in the summer time. I am surprised they didn't past out due to heat it gets hot in those sheds FAST! I know i was in one for about 8 mins looking for something back in April and i lost quite a bit of water and i almost pasted out.

Anyway for public sex it happens everywhere. Some is ok. Others is WTF! Grave yards really? Yes it happens.

I know a girl that got pregnant on lunch break at walmart in the parking lot. And i know a few others that fucked their guys in the coolers at a gas station, etc. One of my co workers goes and sucks off her boyfriend in the parking lot every break. And i can speak from experience that public sex does boost the omfg hotness of sex. I got a rim job, dick sucked and fucked in the back seat of a car going down the interstate during the day. The truckers liked it. To bad they didn't get any.
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