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I haven't been on here in a long time, but I wanted to share an experience that happened a few weeks ago. I got a call from my fiancee who works in a salon. She told me that earlier that day she had seen a client. He was a black guy and apparently the two of them hit it off. After she cut his hair he gave her his number. Then she told me that they had been texting since then and that she was on her way to meet with him. They met in the parking lot of the local mall and she got in his car and they talked for a while. Before long they started making out and he started grabbing her ass and rubbing on her. Next she reached in his pants and started jacking him off while they kissed. Keep in mind this is in broad daylight. After that he pulled down his pants and she started to go down on him. She said at first she just held it and licked all over it to tease him, which apparently he really liked. Then she sucked it until he came and she swallowed it.

This all sort of came out of nowhere because it had been several weeks since we had talked out that kind of fantasy. It was quite a pleasant surprise for me. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to meet back with him to get fucked because he ended up getting deployed. Hopefully, another opportunity will come up soon. 1 step closer to her hopefully getting bbc on a regular basis.