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Playboy article on cuckoldry this week

I agree with the statement that a huge turn on for a man is the fact that his wife is desirable in the eyes of other men. It is definately our case , however , I am actively participating and do not want to just watch.


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Thanks for sharing this with the group. This is short, and superbly written; it says what I've been saying for years. He didn't expound upon it, but, the definition of cuckolding has changed over the centuries, from its original medieval definition. As was pointed out, here, it has become more of a voyeurism where married men want to watch. A form of "troilism" as was mentioned ... I liked that word for this article. Some people get OFF on the surge of "emotional highs", whereas others don't ... sort of like some people love bungee jumping or skydiving, whereas others wouldn't dare consider it.

I've told this story once or twice before, but possibly you and some haven't read it. When I first started college, I met this chick, whom I thought was one of the most beautiful and innocent females I'd ever met ... we hit it off, and on the second date I was fucking her hard, nightly. I was over infatuated with her, and worshipped the ground she walked. My roommate was a bit jealous as well. After about 4 months of going hot and heavy, though, she suddenly started finding excuses not to go out partying with me.

I ran into one of her GFs while out partying, and she informed me she was fucking a couple other guys as well as me. I was so crushed, and went to her house to confront her at 1AM in the morning. She was in bed fucking a guy as I arrived, and I jerked my cock off at her front door as it was an extremely emotional event for me. I ended up jerking off at least 4 more times before morning, knowing some other guy was pounding MY PUSSY. I was so fucking wrong.
Good job ... Mac :)
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A very good article. It sums up lots of conclusions I have come to through trial and error when sharing my wife. It is a turn on for me to know that other men desire my wife. Displaying and sharing her and ultimately having her come back to me makes me feel that her lovers have had a taste but she is still mine, still my "trophy wife". The author also speaks of the theory of "sperm competition" where the husband thrusts deeper and faster during sex after the wife has had other men's rival sperm planted inside her. The idea is he is subconsciously attempting to displace the strange rival sperm with his. I have this strong feeling myself, the desperate urge to have sex with Amie immediately after other men have screwed her and to fill her with my sperm. This feeling is especially strong when my wife has had sex with black men.