Photo Positions Questions


Real Person
Ok, so I lost a bet over the weekend. In doing so my sexy hot wife told me that its her turn to get some porn from me. So here is my question for the ladies mostly.

What positions to you like the men to be in when your looking at porn? Typically when they are just nude shots of men. Any and all help is appreciated since I cant really come up with anything good.
It all depends on the type of porn that you are into, no?

Vanilla: Look at any muscle mag, see those poses with the guys in the speedo? Now, do it without the speedo.

Classic: Profile shots with the cock and balls in full view. Look in the mirror, nude. Notice which side is you 'better' side? That's the one to use.

Dom: Well, sky is the limit there. Clothed female, nude male. Being whipped, cum shots, all that

Creative: Get a can of whipped cream---use your imagination