Philly dude

Hi y'all just thought I'd introduce myself. Name is "D" as in the first intial of my real name (not jus my D) A member on here turned me onto this site she said she love the community so I figured I'd try it out. I dont know if she want me calling her out so I'll leave it at that, she can call herself out.

I'm unattached, mid 30's in shape, hung and love the white girls, latin girls, and asian girls so hit me up if you are in Philly. I can't say I'm knockin the ladies down left and right but I do like to fuck with a pretty girl when I get the chance and times are good. I am a college educated black man and respect all females. I love big asses and pretty faces. I can travel some for the right lady.

After reading some of the threads on here, I am not into fucking with dudes, if that's your thing God bless but its not mine so let's check that at the door. Some of y'all are crazy with this black supremacy shit I'm not into that, but I do have a thing for a freaky hotwife. I have been invited to fuck a hotwife while her man watched and I'm not sure that's my thing either I dont know if I'm good with putting on a performance so I haven't taken them up on thier offer altho its does interesting. I am cool with married women as long your husband knows about it, right now I'll gladly beat that pussy up for ya and then you can go home to daddy.