Philadelphia summer of fun cont.


Are there any women out there that enjoy giving head to a guy (with a bbc in my case) that find it hard to cum?
What about it do you enjoy?
I enjoy getting head and it's pleasurable but I almost never cum from and end up feeling kinda guilty that my partner is subject to spending all this time pleasing me and no orgasm reward
(Not that there has to be)
All that being said I have no problems cumming from intercourse at all, also no problems when I masturbate.... anyway I met a girl on Craigslist Within the last week that was in philly temporarily. we went on a date ( cool chick, we vibed, a lot of common interested and spent the date just easily flowing in conversation at the end of the night I walked her back to her airbnb she invited me in then we went through that weird phase where we're both acting weird because neither person know what to expect ( or know each other really, outside the really good date we were just on) and ( & I swear I never do this) I just pulled my dick out sitting on the couch ( I was slightly horrified at what her reaction might be because I normally would never do something like that ) it took an awkward moment but The mood totoally changed ( I was shocked and I think she was shocked by her reaction) she started playing with it and thanking me for making that move. basically she was able make me cum 3x in a row with her mouth as someone that usually will fake moan this is the most amazing thing I've ever felt, the release of tension that happened with that involuntary orgasm is the most amazing. my thighs are still sore from locking up.

Anyway I'm looking for that feeling again it's been fucking with my mind & teasing my dreams.

Who is into this and real?