1. Streching her out

    Streching her out

  2. Making sure hubby gets a picture of the creampie

    Making sure hubby gets a picture of the creampie

  3. Appreciating her ass

    Appreciating her ass

  4. Getting sloppy toppy

    Getting sloppy toppy

  5. Fucking and Rubbing

    Fucking and Rubbing

    who's next?
  6. D

    East coast Hotwife interested in trying bbc for the first time.

    Send info and location.
  7. Get on your knees

    Get on your knees

  8. useus124

    Newer Cuckold Couple

    Hello! We are a newer cuckold couple in our mid 20s in the Philadelphia area. Talked about this lifestyle for years before actually meeting with another man a little over a year ago. She has never been with a BBC before but the thought has been driving us both wild for quite a while. Hoping to...
  9. Cucking me.jpeg

    Cucking me.jpeg

    Showing off her QoS tattoo
  10. Her Happy Place.jpeg

    Her Happy Place.jpeg

    Philly burbs
  11. PhillyCple

    Verified Cuck couple with chubby bbc slut!!

    Please verify this chubby bbc slut from the northern Philly burbs
  12. Ride my dick

    Ride my dick

  13. S

    Hello from the CNJ/Philly area!

    Hey there, Fit, well-educated, and clean mid-20s SBM in the CNJ/Philly area here. Seeking an ongoing situation with a 22-45 year-old White, Asian, or Hispanic woman who is fit or curvy/thick. Feel free to reach out via PM or Kik (it is the same as my username here).
  14. Black on White in Black and white on BlacktoWhite

    Black on White in Black and white on BlacktoWhite

    Pounding some pussy as usual! Loving Philly
  15. Dicking her down

    Dicking her down

    Just digging another white girl out. Whos next?
  16. B

    Philadelphia area young couple

    Willing to travel alittle bit. We are both new and curious about this so getting to know you is surely important.
  17. 115D215F-3B1A-4F55-8A52-CD87C8D06F85.jpeg


    Making me watch
  18. Jjsmith2

    Bi Bull in Philly

    Looking for couples in the Philadelphia area. Bi (oral top) bull,, 23yr, 6'3", 225 lbs, 7 inch cutPhilly cock by Jjsmith2 posted Jun 12, 2017 at 11:46 AM Need some love by Jjsmith2 posted Oct 18, 2017 at 2:55 AM
  19. BlacqGold

    Black stud seeking white submissive for relationship (philadelphia)

    Looking for a a white female who wants to be owned in and out of the bedroom by a dominant well educated strong Blackman. You must be local to the Philadelphia area be willing to exchange numbers and meet at some point.
  20. PhillyCple

    Philadelphia burbs bbw for BBC

    Late 40's couple with bbw wife that craves bbc