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Our Weekend


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Sorry its been so long since we last visited. Busy is an understatement. Anyways I could not wait to tell someone about my weekend. My wife has a very well hung black boyfriend. She normally will see him at least once a week. Last weekend she made plans that tonight would be that night. We openly talked about her plans, as we always do... but this week she stepped it up. She is always very sexual after being with him. She exudes pure sexual energy. Wednesday when I got home from work she brought me to the bedroom saying she needed to cum. I was told to lick her and use a new toy she had been given. She had an intense orgasm. She gave me lube and told me she wanted me to masturbate for her. When I was finished she put her cage on me. She said she wanted me to not be able to touch myself while she was with him. She needed to be sure the cage would not hurt a new piercing she got form me. She wanted me to wear the cage, so she could make sure it would be OK.

A hotel was booked for tonight. Today I was given a change of clothes for after work. This afternoon she met him in town for a couples massage. (Yes this is in our town). I was to meet them after for dinner. When I got out if work I called her. They were just finishing the massage and would meet me when I got in town for dinner.

I was told to get a table (not a booth) and have a drink while I wait for them. I waited about 20 minutes before they arrived. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal. The waitress and my wife knew each other. Lol. After dinner I followed them to the hotel. We entered the suite, she turned and kissed me passionately. She whispered in my ear. She asked if I wanted to see her drop to her knees and suck on his huge black cock. I strained in my cage and said yes... we kissed again, she pointed to the chair and said sit. I did.
He came into the room, grabbing her, spinner her, she lock into his arms. They kissed. Finally she undid his pants and dropped to her knees. Pulling down his pants revealed a huge bulge in his black sock like underwear. She stroked him as he caressed her hair. Pulling his shorts of was unbelievable. His cock is thicker than anything I have ever seen. He truly is a superior being. She lick him, and sucked in him. She caressed him, and licked his black balls. After a few minutes he reached down pulled her up, spun her around and bent her over the bad. He grabbed his cock and spread he legs. He entered her. She squealed and met his trust. She begged him to take her, as his speed and force increased. I watched him take her. He stopped and moved back a step. She rolled over and off the bed to be exactly where she needed to be to take him in her mouth for just a second.

She got up and came over to me. She took my hand as I stood up. We kissed. She told me she loved me, and it was time for me to go home to wait for her.

Here I am.