Our first time to a swingers club.

It was Saturday night and we were invited to go to a "couples club" with another couple we had met 2 weeks earlier. The club was across town, about 30 miles from home, so we got a room nearby for the night. We checked in and showered and I called a cab as Lisa dressed. She came out of the bathroom dressed in a very short green skirt with a matching top, bustier style that zipped up the front. Her cleavage was impressive in the low cut top that barely covered her nipples and her legs looked fantastic! I called our new friends while we waited for the cab to see if they were on their way yet. Andrea answered and said they wouldn't be going. Her husband, Evan, had injured his back earlier and was in bed. I informed Lisa and asked if she still wanted to go. Since we were already with a cab on the way we really didn't have much choice. The cab arrived and I gave him the address, he was smiling at Lisa and as he dropped us off he winked and told us to have fun.

It was a private club so there was a temporary membership fee to enter. We paid the cover charge and membership fee and entered the club, it was dark and hard to see at first but our eyes adjusted after a minute or two. The club was fairly large with tables throughout, about 2/3 of them occupied. Along one wall was a long bench seat, it ran down the entire wall, with tables in front and chairs at the tables facing the bench seat. We walked about 1/2 way back and sat at one of the benches several feet from the other guests. As I looked around I noticed that I was one of 3 white guys in the club, the other 2 were with black women. There were about 4 or 5 white ladies there counting Lisa, the others were with black men. The men were all dressed nicely and the women were certainly dressed for attention. Some were wearing sheer blouses, some had them open in the front and barely covering their breasts. Some were thin, some large but all seemed to be having fun. We ordered drinks and some shots and I asked Lisa if she noticed anything about the club. She said, "other than its all black?" and laughed. I asked her what she thought of it and she said "it looks like a very fun place"!

After a couple of drinks we went to the dance floor. It was full with people grinding against one another, lots of kissing and fondling going on among multiple couples. Another couple began dancing with us, the woman grabbed me and the man put his arms around Lisa. She responded in kind and we danced that way for 2 more songs before sitting down. The club had filled up quite a bit while we danced and when we sat down a young couple sat beside Lisa on the bench...all the free standing tables were now full. The couple we had danced with also came over and sat in the chairs at the table where we were sitting. We ordered drinks all around and tequila shots. As we talked the young couple decided to dance. When they got up the male sitting at our table, I'll call him Carl, moved over and sat right beside Lisa...practically on top of her. The dance floor was hopping and his wife, I'll call her Patricia, asked me to dance. Before I could respond she grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Lisa nodded her approval and we walked to the dance floor and squeezed in by the rail. I stayed in a position where I could keep an eye on Lisa and Carl....well, more or less. Patricia's hands were all over me as we danced, she was a very attractive black lady, probably 35 or so, with large natural breasts that were in full view due to the shirt she wore. It buttoned down the front but only the bottom 2 buttons were actually buttoned. She had no bra on and made no effort at all to cover up.

As we danced she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits. She leaned into me and asked "how long have you guys been in 'the life style'?" I told her we really aren't, though we enjoy sexy adult fun, we've never swapped before. She then asked if either of us has ever been with a black person before. I gave her a brief rundown on a trip to New Orleans a few years earlier where Lisa had a 21 yr old black guy making out with her and fondling her a bit but that was the extent of it. She then said "Carl really has the hots for Lisa! Is that ok with you?" I told her Lisa was free to do what she wanted but not to expect too much. I then asked if she was ok with it. Her answer shocked me a bit! She said "Carl and I aren't dating...he's my step-brother, my YOUNGER step-brother!" and she laughed. I asked if she was joking but she insisted it was true. They came here together because her boyfriend wouldn't and Carl couldn't get in without a lady. We continued to dance and I looked over at Lisa. She and Carl seemed locked in conversation, she was turned toward him sideways on the bench. Finally Patricia said she needed to go to the ladies room so I walked back toward our table.

I sat down by Lisa who was still turned toward Carl. I looked and saw his hand was on one thigh close to the hem of her skirt...which was so short it barely covered her crotch when she was sitting. Her legs weren't crossed, which is how she normally sits, and her knees were slight spread...about 3-4" apart. She turned and sat back after I sat down but Carl continued to face her with a hand on her thigh.. Seizing the moment I placed a hand on her other thigh spreading her legs even further. Lisa asked where Patricia went and then said she too needed to use the restroom and asked where it was. Carl pointed the way and she walked off. I watched her walking and couldn't remember seeing her swing her ass like that before! Carl asked me if everything was ok, I assured him it was. He then said "Lisa said she doesn't think you're into black chicks, is that right?" I told him just because I'd never been with one doesn't mean I don't think they're sexy. He said "but you do know she has fantasized about black cock, right?" "No, I didn't. What makes you think that." "2 Things...first she's flirting pretty good with me and a couple other brothers here. And second, she told me so!"

That didn't really surprise me and I told him she was free to do whatever she wants but to not expect much. He said "Really? Because she thinks you might get upset. I tried to kiss her earlier but she pulled away after a couple of seconds and said I was going to get her in trouble." I promised him she wouldn't get in trouble but also explained we aren't really swingers. Lisa and Patricia both came back to the table together. Since Carl and I were sitting side by side Patricia sat by me and Lisa sat by Carl. When I asked what took so long Lisa said they had a few shots at the bar courtesy of a couple of guys. I could tell Lisa was getting pretty buzzed, she becomes the life of the party when she's had a bit to drink and she was talking up a storm to Carl and me. It was around 11:00 now and he place was packed. Another lady with 2 guys squeezed in by Lisa. She welcomed them and asked the guy how he was allowed in without a lady. They explained they were a threesome so it was allowed. She chatted away with Carl and the other guy frequently placing her hand on their arm or leg. The lady that was part of the threesome seemed a bit jealous and grabbed her 2 men and took them to dance.

Patricia moved over behind Lisa, who was turned in her seat now facing Carl and e talking away, and reached around her and pulled the zipper to her top down about 4". Lisa didn't miss a beat and continued talking about the club and how nice everyone was. As she talked I enjoyed the fact that her tits were now visible to her nipples and I could tell Carl was enjoying the sight as well. Patricia then leaned in and whispered in Lisa's ear and Lisa responded "I already know! You could tell that a mile away!" and she looked at Carl and said "she wanted me to know you have a very large package!" and she laughed. A lady came over and asked Lisa if she'd come to her table for a moment because her husband was dying to meet her. Lisa didn't hesitate and got up and walked over. There were no chairs available and after talking for a second she turned and sat in his lap. She sat side ways facing us and his wife with her arm around his neck. We couldn't hear what was said but she was carrying on a steady conversation. His hand was between her thighs and he seemed to be nodding at her tits. After a minute or so she looked down and then unzipped the top all the way and pulled it open completely baring both boobs. He seemed to say something and she laughed then pulled his head into her chest and rubbed her tits on his face. They talked for a few more minutes then she zipped the top up all the way. The guy's wife walked over behind her and unzipped it about 1/2 way and reached inside feeling her boobs before sitting back down.

Patricia was sitting very close Carl and began rubbing his crotch. He looked at her and laughed then said "you're my sister!" She told him "Shh! Step-sister!" and he said "ok, whatever you say!" and turned to give her more access. Her shirt was pushed aside and her breasts were perfect! I looked back to Lisa in time to see her walking to the back of the club with the couple she'd been sitting with. I asked Carl where she was going and he said "They must be showing her the REST of the club. If she's not back in a few minutes we'd better check on her." About 5 minutes later I was about to go look for her when I saw them come out of a door at the very back of the club. In front of the door was what appeared to be a bouncer, he was careful to make sure the door stayed closed but paid little attention to what was going on inside the room or who went in. Lisa was walking arm in arm with the man and the woman and they were laughing like crazy. She stopped at their table and gave both a hug, the man got 2 handfuls of Lisa's ass as they hugged, and then she came back to us and said she had to pee. I got up and said I was going to check out the room but Carl told me I had to have a lady with me. Patricia volunteered to go with me so we stopped for some drinks and went to check out the mysterious room.

The room was even darker than the main club with the only lights coming from some small wall sconces. The room was actually about 3 rooms combined. In the first part was a group of large sofas with people sitting and making out, and more, side by side. Most were in some stage of undress with tits and/or asses everywhere. I saw the threesome couple, she was giving one of the guys a blowjob while the other was playing with her tits and ass. The next section had 4 private sitting areas with a large sofa and some chairs and a coffee table. Each area had a privacy curtain but even when closed you could see inside if you tried. The final section had a hot tub and shower. You had to be naked to enter. Patricia asked if I wanted to go check it out. I didn't want to have to undress but she knew the bouncer and he let us enter. There were actually 2 hot tubs and both were full. By the look of things the party had gotten heated back there. There were actually 2 white couples in one tub, once the club got busy I had noticed several other white couples had arrived. We walked back out and I asked if there was a restroom back there. Patricia said only by the hot tub area so we went out to the main area so I could pee. Lisa and Carl were sitting together as I stopped at the table to tell her where I was going. Her skirt was riding very high and Carl's hand was on the inside of her right thigh. He moved it down a bit when I walked up. I could see up to her crotch but wasn't able to see the black lace g-string she was wearing earlier, well it was a bit dark so I guess I shouldn't have expected to. Lisa asked what I thought of the play room and said we should check it out later. I said ok and went to the restroom. It was surprisingly crowded and took several minutes. I stopped by the bar for some shots but when I got to the table they weren't there. I sat down and waited to see if they were dancing, the dance floor was so crowded you couldn't see who was there. As I waited I drank the shots then ordered a round for all of us from the waitress. By the time she brought the drinks I had been sitting by myself for at least 20 minutes. I walked to the dance floor and couldn't see them so I went back to the table and grabbed our drinks and headed for the party room.

When I got to the door the bouncer told me I had to have a lady with me to enter. I explained my wife was already in there and he said "I'm sure she is but if she went in with someone else you can't go in...unless you find someone to enter with you. I'm sure she'll be out in a little while." I was concerned now that I wouldn't get in then I said " I just left to get drinks for us, they're waiting on them". He looked at the 3 beers and 2 shots in my hands and waved me on in. I walked in and couldn't see a thing at first. As my eyes adjusted some I saw a group of people standing around one of the sofas watching some action. I walked over and saw the threesome from earlier all going at it. I looked around but Lisa wasn't on one of the sofas so I started back to the next section. The first curtain was open and had 2 couples having sex while 2 guys sat in chairs watching and several other couples stood behind watching as well. No one was in the next area and the curtain was partway closed, it looked like something had spilled in there. The third curtain was closed so I walked over and looked inside. 3 more couples were just sitting and talking but all were at least partially naked.

The last curtain was about 1/2 closed. A couple was standing nearby looking as the woman stroked the penis of the man. I walked over a looked and saw Lisa sitting on the sofa between Carl and Patricia. She had her head lying back, her top was all the way unzipped, her skirt was pushed up above her pussy and both Carl and Patricia were alternating between kissing Lisa and sucking on her breasts and neck. Each time Carl nibbled on her ear and kissed her neck she moaned a bit and he opened her legs further. Carl's pants were off and his cock was out of his silk boxer shorts. Lisa had her hand on it stroking up and down. It was hard and she was right, he did have a large package. Patricia's top was off , her skirt pulled way up and she was playing with her pussy...the white panties she was wearing pulled high inside her smooth vagina. Lisa's panties were nowhere to be seen and Carl now had 2 fingers inside her. I entered the room and noticed in a chair in front ofCarl sat the young guy who had originally sat by Lisa, his wife was not with him. He had his cock out, not a small package on him either, and was stroking it. I sat in the other chair and set the drinks on the table. I promptly drank one of the shots and drank a huge gulp of beer.

Carl was now practically on top of Lisa and Patricia was pushed aside for the moment. I heard the curtain move and looked to see someone had opened it all the way. There were now about 5 more people watching. Patricia got up and moved over to stand behind me. She was rubbing my shoulders and placed my hands on her tits. I saw Carl ease Lisa down on the sofa kissing her on the lips as he did. When she was lying there he unzipped the skirt she was wearing and Lisa raised her hips so he could slide it off of her. I heard her laugh a bit and then she looked at him and said "Are you sure you want to do this? My husband is here somewhere!" He said "I'm damn sure! But are you? Your pussy is so fucking wet I KNOW you want it, but I don't want you to get in trouble ". He then began kissing her and wen he moved to her tits she moaned I can't worry about that right now,". Carl pulled off his boxers and spread Lisa's legs wide then climbed on top and began rubbing the head of his dick against her clit. Lisa was squirming and began breathing heavy lifting her bare ass off the sofa and pulling Carl into her. I leaned closer to see if he had actually entered her, the head of his cock was pushed against her spread open pussy but it wasn't really inside her yet. Lisa's legs were now wrapped around his back and her arms around his neck, each time she thruster her ass came off the sofa and his cock inched further inside her.

He was pushing more now and just about the time he entered her all the way it occurred to me he wasn't wearing a condom. I leaned over and whispered to him, "please put on a condom! Don't bareback her!" He was already pushing into her and I heard her say "Oh God Damn!" and she gunned as he entered her all the way. I was about six inches away from her pussy as he pounded into her ignoring my insistence that he put on a condom. I could hear her wet pussy as he fucked her, Lisa's head was rocking side to side as he did. Her breathing growing louder and faster, I could tell she was headed for a huge orgasm...her signal that she's cumming is her heavy breathing. Carl was breathing faster and pumping her like crazy. He's a bit overweight so I was rather surprised by his stamina. I was about to say something to him again when he stopped and pulled out of her. As soon as he did Lisa nearly yelled "What are you doing? Why did you stop?" "I don't want cum inside you I'm getting a condom" he said. Lisa then said "No! PLEASE!! Put it back in! Fuck me please!" Carl shook his head and looked at me and smiled and said "sorry bro, I tried but she wants my big black cock inside her. Don't you baby?" Lisa said "Yes! Oh please hurry! Please put it back and fuck me!" He shoved his dick all the way inside her and she screamed. He asked if he hurt her but she said "No! Just fuck me! Don't be afraid to hurt me!"

I don't know if it was the drinks, the situation, the size of his dick or everything combined but I'd never seen her so turned on and never heard her beg to be fucked. She usually moans a bit and if she talks it's simply to say that it feels good. Patricia was bent over my chair and someone was fucking her from behind. The young guy sitting in the next chair stood and dropped his pants still stroking himself. Carl was propped up in push-up position as if he was trying to hurt Lisa. Her moans were louder than I've heard them before, her head was facing us and she was now playing with her tits. The dude by me walked over and pulled her head onto his dick. Lisa never opened her eyes to see who it was but eagerly began sucking his dick. He had one hand on the back of her head and the other on her tit. She struggled to take him all in and after only a minute he pulled his cock from her mouth and came in his hand, grabbed his pants and left. He no sooner walked off than someone else sat down. I looked and saw it was the bouncer who let me in earlier. Lisa's moans were now so loud they were bound to hear them in the next room. She was again holding onto Carl and I heard her say "Oh my GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! "She began to shake all over and I could tell she was having the orgasm of a lifetime. She continued to shake and move her head side to side as he fucked her sloppy pussy, the noise nearly as loud as her moans. Finally Carl started to moan and said "You gotta tell me if you want me to pull out cause I'm about to blow!" At almost the exact same time I said yes! And Lisa said NO! Don't stop! Please don't!" And Carl then moaned he w as cumming but continued to fuck her, at one point he slipped out spurting on her stomach and causing her to yell for him to PUT IT BACK PLEASE! Which he promptly did. Lisa began to shake and moan again and finally said"Oh My God! I can't handle anymore!!"

Carl collapsed on top of her and Lisa lay there under him still grinding her pussy gently, his cock still deep inside of her. He raised up and kissed her face, her eyes were closed and she was softly whimpering saying "oh my god, oh my god" over and over. She lay there with her eyes closed as Carl dressed. There were still 4 or 5 people standing there and I heard one guy say "that white ho fucked ol' boys brains out!" and laughed. The girl with him said "nope, that black man done fucked white girls brains out. She gonna walk bow legged for a week, but I bet she cum back for mo. " Everyone laughed at that and I heard a couple of guys say they were next, but the bouncer told Patricia to take her to shower off and told the others to leave. Carl left the room and Patricia moved over to her, they were both naked and Patricia sat her up and asked if she wanted a shower. Lisa said yes and they both stood up, Lisa had cum running down her legs and on her stomach. I noticed cum on her tits too...I guess from the dude who shot in his hand. I followed them to the shower carrying both their clothes. After soaping her up good and washing her off Patricia kissed her neck and held her chest to chest but only for a few minutes then Lisa pulled away. They got dressed while I waited in the first section but the sofas. As they worked out lots of guys were talking to her and a few grabbed her ass but she mostly ignored them or simply said thanks.

She saw me for the first time when they got to the door and the look on her face was a combination of worry and indignation. As we walked out I asked if she was ok. She said "Yes, I'm great! Are YOU ok because I'm fine, exhausted but FINE". I assured her I was fine too. We went back to the table where Carl was sitting talking to the young couple, his wife was back with him. We sat and talked for a minute and then I said we needed to go. I had the doorman call us a cab and we exchanged numbers with them. Lisa hugged them all and said goodbye and we left. Than driver was the same one that dropped us off. He told me he paid his dispatcher to make sure he got the call to pick us up. Lisa thanked him and he looked her up and down, her top still mostly open with her tits practically out. He told her she looked like she had a good time. She told him she did but seemed a bit embarrassed until he told her he's always wanted to go there but his lady refused. He asked if we'd tell him what it was like and Lisa said she would.

Our hotel was only about 15 minutes away but it took over 1/2 hour to get there. Lisa sat in the middle leaning forward between the seats talking to him telling him all about the club...though she left out her experience. Her skirt was too short to pull down very far but she seemed not to notice and I could tell he was getting an eye full from the rear view mirror...and we had just started the ride. He then told Lisa that if she'd sit up front with him he'd turn off the meter and wouldn't charge us.. Lisa said ok and asked him to pull over but he said she would just have to climb up front. She agreed and as she crawled into the front seat her skirt was above her ass and I could see her gaping pussy. She almost lost her balance at one point, probably because the driver accelerated, and he reached back and caught her by putting his hand on her naked ass. He was in no hurry to move it and kept it there until she sat down. He questioned her about her disheveled appearance and asked if she'd taken her clothes off. She said only her top and he then asked her if she'd take it off for him. She looked at me and I said "might as well...we're getting a free ride from him, everyone else saw you butt naked for free!" So she removed her top. The driver then said "well if they saw you BUTT NAKED for free then you need to show me more for a free ride! and he reached over and lifted her skirt up. I leaned over and saw he'd raised it over her pussy. He then drove around as she described the club and what we saw inside. A few times she'd pull her skirt down some and he'd reach over and push it up again. We finally got back to the hotel. The driver pulled to the side where it was dark and got out and opened Lisa's door helping her from the cab. She was still topless and drunk so she was having a hard time putting her top back on. The driver very kindly assisted her, taking several opportunities to hold her breasts as she tried to zip the top. He then told her her skirt was crooked and lifted it above her ass and turned her as he "straightened it". I looked her over and agreed she was presentable and thanked him for the ride. He looked at us and said "what? No tip?" I laughed and said he should give us one but he insisted Lisa should give him a kiss for a tip. She leaned into him to give him a peck on the cheek but he had other plans and grabbed her ass under her skirt and locked lips with her. After a moment she kissed him back then pulled away and said "I'm going to bed!" and she walked off. The driver asked if he could join us but I told him she'd had enough black cock for the night. He simply said "Dayum!" And got in the cab as I ran to catch up with Lisa.

When we got to our room I stripped her down and we kissed. I tried to fuck her but her pussy was raw! It was 3 days before she'd let me near it. I asked her what she thought and she said "Honestly?" I said yes expecting her to say she regretted it but she said "It was a fantasy come true! Probably the best night of pure sex I've ever had. I had more guys fondling me and trying to fuck me at one time than I knew what to do with. I'm sorry you got left out but I honestly didn't think much about where you were until I saw you before we left. Carl gave me his number so when we go again I can call him. Oh...Patricia is NOT his STEP-sister according to Carl so he doesn't want her to come...it is a bit weird!" and she laughed. Since then we've been back 4 times, once with Carl and 3 times without.