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New here

Hi my name is Aaron And I would love to see my wife Brenda get fucked by a big black cock.
It wasn't until this past New Year's Eve party At Brenda's nieces House, And that was the night I seen Brenda's niece Amy Getting fuck by three black guy, I know it's not right to be looking through someone's bedroom window but the bedroom window was open a few inches and I could hear Amy crying out How much she'd love a big black cock inside her. I Most of stood at that window for an hour watching them three black guys fuck her till they shot there load's in her and after the three black guys were done her husband climbed Between her legs and fuck her. After that I headed back to our room and fucked my wife As I fantasize of the three black guys fucking Brenda Just like they did her niece Amy. If anyone could Give me any advice it would be appreciated.
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