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    Hi all... My wife is one the fence about the BBC thing. Had her actively involved with talking about letting a black guy fuck her while we have sex... got her to watch a few IR vids... now she's squeemish about it. Need some advice on how to slide the BBC fantasy back into our sex...
    She's... traditional and conservative outside, but very sexual and open in the bedroom... she's a fitness freak, sorority girl, but not the socially freaky kind that'll show her tits in a bar...
    I got her into the fantasy initially by telling her about an experience I had with an old girlfriend and a black couple... we had a couple swap relationship for nearly half a year and seeing my girl (Crystal) let Devon fuck her and hear her talk so dirty about her white pussy and his black cock just drove me nuts. My wife liked it, but isn't interested anymore. How do I turn her???
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    Just go with it. It may add another element of fun knowing that your gf is being used by another man while you can only wait to hear the details.
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    Do like I did .... one step at a time! If you "rush it" .... "Guaranteed" .... you'll "KILL IT"! We were married for over ten years before I got my wife to go where I wanted her to go! Even then it was a situation "of being in the right place at the right time with the right guy!" We've wrote and posted about that event in the Interracial Story section on this site if you care to read it! You comments would also be appreciated as my wife especially likes to read what others think!

    I, like you, got my wife into it by initially sharing some past experiences I had while at an air cadet camp. That's when I saw my first black guy in "au natural". I was just 13 at the time. This led to my fantasy, as I got older, of a black guy doing a white girl, and all that goes along with that. I shared these fantasies with my wife and, initially anyway, didn't receive a very pleasant reception. I guess that this was probably due to the fact that my wife was a virgin when we married, very naive and conservative! I was patient however, took it slowly, eventually introduced her to some IR movies, later on a black dildo joined the party, and later still my old university room mate, Edwin, who happens to be black, bought things to fruition! It was an awesome experience, so awesome that my wife and I agreed to write about and, as stated, posted about it on this site! I still get hard just thinking about it ... I now have a distinct advantage however and can, and do, relive that experience over many many times! This is because I took numerous pictures and movies of Edwin and my wife, right from the moment we entered our suite at the resort in Vegas, up to the point of taking a picture a my wife's poor pussy as she rested it the morning after being fucked all night by Edwin's huge 12 inch black monster! That's the picture I'm talking about in our Avatar!

    So, in conclusion, move slowly, don't rush her, but never pass up an opportunity to bring up the matter and bring her one more step closer! The more horny she is ... the better! Always remember, regardless of everything else, it will take "being in the right place, with the right guy, at the right time!"
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    I could teach you a thing or two.....