my wife making me cum right away...


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Hello guys...i took those two pics the other day while I was having sex with my amazing lovely beautiful too hot wife...and like sometimes I cum after 5 minutes because she's so horny and I start imagining her with others...and that makes me cum right away!!!unbelievable I really don't know how resist....I just can't keep my cum inside....I'm wondering if someone else has the same problem....she told me that loves that...because that means that I really like her...
I have not found this to be a problem. Even the men I fuck at the adult theater seem to last longer than I want, sometimes. I do have one lover that cums pretty quick, sometimes too quick, but I do like to make men cum. So, to me, I like a man who can cum multiple times. If you cum quick and it's over, that's no fun.


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my husband has this problem and i know it makes him very anxious. i cum very quickly so if he can last 5 mins, chances are i'll have cum a couple of times already in that time lol.

but sadly he struggles to last a minute. our sessions go about 10 to 15 mins but that's with a lot of frustrating interruptions where he has to pull out and 'calm down'. he can't keep up the thrusting and it gets really frustrating for me as the rhythm builds up and is constantly broken. my lovers don't have this problem and its only with them i can really enjoy a relentless pounding and explosive orgasms. i know it upsets hubby that he can't do that for me.

one thing that has improved it for him is to use a numbing spray. it's a little too effective and takes a lot of the sensation away, which gives him another problem of not being able to get a hard on. so what he does is apply the spray, give it an hour or so for the effects to start wearing off and at some point it's numb enough to delay his orgasms but sensitive enough to get a hardon. but that's not the end of it, usually he struggles to have his first orgasm which makes it a bit of a downer for both of us. but when we go at it a second time he's suddenly transformed to the guy in his 20s that rocked my world all those years ago! lol

anways, thats a little glimpse into our quirky sex life.