My Wife Is Considering BBC

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  1. James Ellis

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    My wife and I have been together for 18 years (since we were 15). I am the only man she has ever been with. We often fantasized about her being with another man. While I have an above average cock, it feels like nothing to her now. She is ready to move up. However, she is afraid other men will not find her hot. She has no idea how hot she is. Will you be the man to give her a real dick?

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  2. LeeBoi

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    Give yourself some time
    BBC will be online in more numbers tonight
    Perhaps a location of your home area
    Will help out here
    Anyway... just telling you how it is that first
    12-24 hrs after you start looking for the kinda
    Cock you wife really needs
    It is exciting knowing it will happen if you
    Give it 100 % and some patience
    BTW ... Your wife had a hot sexy body!!!
  3. Mitch Black

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    Would love to give her real dick
  4. True-Romance

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    your wife is hot, so nice of you to find her. she has a nice ass and an amazing rack to match. how big are you looking for to experience
  5. the dog

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    has everything you need to start enjoying black cocks like crazy you have no other but her and cleaned her pussy full of cum