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My friend



Sweet & Cordial
Gold Member
... A friend who is thinking about joining me on the dark side of thing!! She too is married . Like her??
So, blkow, tell us the story ... how 2 married ladies get interested in crossing over to the dark side? Do your hubbies know the 2 of you are into black men ... or are you slipping behind your husbands' backs getting black banged?
As a married guy, myself, I'm always interested in learning more about what encourages married ladies to slip out on their husbands ... boredom at home? husband's request? curiosity? heightened sexual enjoyment? ... ???
Hope you'll take some time to share! Mac

PS ... and by all means, keep us updated on this filly's "first" black experience. Both of you are pretty hot! :)
Damn. She's gorgeous. Is she still on the fence about cumming to the "dark side?" If she is and she'd like to talk, I'd love to chat with her a bit. She's definitely my type.