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My ex Wife Made Me thus way.

One night my ex wife had a ideal that I should dress up as a women and let her bull fuck Me .At first I said no. but she said that I would love to suck his cock..and that may be fun so I did as she ask..She dressed me in bra and panties pink and a cute dress and but a wig on me and make up too. i looked at myslef and i looked so cute as a women..so when her bull showed up that night she said that he should fuck me first and that i needed to suck his cock so bad.So he pulled me down to his cock and made me suck ..it was so good and i liked to suck his bbc too i like it and sucked it and i sucked his balls as well. She like to watch me suck his cock..and she told him that i needed a good ass fucking. so he told me to stand up and bend over..and i did as i was told to do. he slaped me on my ass and said that it would hurt at first but that i would love it and that he was going to fuck me like the little sissy i was..he put his big cock in my ass and it hurt so bad..but he did not stop..he fuck me for about 01 to 20 mins. nad it stoped hurting and it was so good i told him that i was his slut and that i love his bbc in my ass and to fuck me like a good litttle girl..and he did.. and he pulled out of my ass and said suck it and to eat his cum..and i did as i was told to do.. my ex wife came over and kissed me and said that i was a women now..so to this day I love to dress up as a women and i service black men..and I love it she made me a sissy that i should have been for years...I love black cock.