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my Caps, Talkies, Gifs, Vids...

The girl in the image (I guess is your wife) has a nice looking ass, I really like the one with the red spandex; the problem is that the pics are bad (not for my low skill level anyways and will be painful to work with) for the kind of photoshop compositions that I enjoy doing.

Do me a favour and take a picture of your wife with the best quality your smart phone can handle (at least 1080x720):
-make her wear the red-spandex (wedgie)
-make her stand facing away from camera
-take pic from a low-point perspective (perspective of a dog or midget)
-take pic without any sort of angle in any direction (or little angle, straight ahead preferable)
-no need for all her body to show, from waist down is what I want)

if you give me that then I'll do a video for you