1. La2LA4PAWG

    Los Angeles and Louisiana for PAWG

    Not interested in participation in any capacity from or with other men. But I’ll send your wife home happy. No chance whatsoever for working girls either.
  2. Pawg dicked down doggystyle.mp4

    Pawg dicked down doggystyle.mp4

    None of the content i post is mine
  3. Young white wife enjoying BBC

    Young white wife enjoying BBC

    She takes me doggy style while hubby looks on and films from the other room.
  4. FeriMosh

    Audio storytelling: My cheating confession with 2 BBC

    This is my 2nd audio recording with a request by @Daydreaminghubs. You'll have to excuse my storyline as I worked on your first post and then you sent a 2nd post giving me a different direction. Since I've already started on this story, being pretty new at this, I couldn't change it with enough...
  5. Lover Sucking My Cock

    Lover Sucking My Cock

    Simply the best
  6. Giving a white wife some raw black power

    Giving a white wife some raw black power

  7. All in the Ass

    All in the Ass

    My Wife taking dildo in her ass hole
  8. Wild Wife for BBC

    Wild Wife for BBC

    Your wife loves to drink, party, and fuck black men. You can't stop if she wanted, and you don't want her to stop.
  9. FeriMosh

    Audio storytelling: My thoughts wandered...

    A recording I did to share with my husband and everyone on here. Listen to My Story.m4a by FeriMosh #np on #SoundCloud
  10. Tummy Tapper

    Tummy Tapper

  11. GF1.jpg


    amiga safada fucking friend
  12. GF.jpg


    amiga safada fucking friend
  13. My New BullRoyalty Gangbang

    My New BullRoyalty Gangbang

    Because once is never enough. lol. Hey there guys. Thought you guys might like a look at my 2nd Gangbang arranged by Bull Royalty. If the idea of having one and you aren't camera shy, you should definitely contact them. Because it's alot of fun. Can't wait for my next one.
  14. me


  15. Squirting wife

    Squirting wife

    Love when they squirt and cum all over my bbc. Such a turn on for me.
  16. 20180204_201202.mp4


    Super Bowl 2018
  17. Interracial Riding

    Interracial Riding

    She wants to sit all the way on it...
  18. 20180804_230158.mp4


    Caribana 2018
  19. 20180818_194658.jpg


    The back!
  20. 20180821_233050.jpg


    Tied up and ready to submit to black man