1. S

    Can somebody help me?

    I found this gem earlier today and was wondering if anybody can point me in the direction to find content similar to that of position number 14???? I can't find/dont even know what to search to find this. Thinking about messaging a certain actress with this idea because WOW would this be hot to see.
  2. BAO 45 Preview

    BAO 45 Preview

    A recent interaction I had, Check About me Section for Password Details
  3. IMG_7507.mp4


    Another oldie but goodie
  4. TraderPix

    Please fake or photoshop this pic

    I would love to see if someone can change the message on her shirt! Thanks!
  5. Some Old Wife Blowjob

    Some Old Wife Blowjob

    You love it with lot of spit ? Comment
  6. 72F72892-C3DB-4402-B058-5C797ABF1707.jpeg


    A fun play date. I approach every thing in life with plenty of passion, intensity and gusto and it turns me on when my partner does the same.
  7. ;-)


  8. Getting Topped

    Getting Topped

  9. 338_1000.jpg


    She was creamy.
  10. 20180921_101810.mp4


    Juicy big ass
  11. 20181028_024023_001.mp4


    Hotwife late night action.
  12. DSCF2239.JPG


    She loved sucking my cock
  13. Hotwife Confessions #01

    Hotwife Confessions #01

    Some of you might know Seka, from her profile here on B2W. Recently we got to "meat" her and during that time she shared some interesting things about her life and her addiction to BIG BLACK COCK!
  14. We are back guys

    We are back guys

    Who missed us ? Comment
  15. Taking Pics of My Slut Wife and Bbc

    Taking Pics of My Slut Wife and Bbc

    What do u think guys ? Comment
  16. mywayintermsofsex

    Worldwide Roll(-Play) Call

    Hey everyone, what do you think are good themes for sexual role play? Anything on your mind, any ideas welcome! (Especially, if your suggestions are in line with the B2w site`s theme. ;) ) Thanks in advance for your thoughtful words.
  17. HoodGentleman

    How Do You Know When She Craves BBC? Signs to look for?

    I’ve been attracted to white women my entire life both in strictly sexual encounters and actual relationships. My question is, with learning of this lifestyle idk which of these mature, beautiful white women (with or without wedding rings) that make extensive eye contact with me want my...
  18. Bull Royalty GangBangs 018

    Bull Royalty GangBangs 018

    This weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Seka Black, a very sexy hotwife, black cock slut, and real Queen of Spades (she has the permanent tattoo to prove it). She spent the weekend with us and we used ALL HER HOLES over and over again. Go check out her profile...
  19. HoodGentleman

    What’s your fetish / fantasy?

    What is your fetish? What turns you on?


    Filming Bbc fucking my hot wife !! Comment for more !!