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My Bull wants to share...

...Some of our stories. My name is Jennifer and I've been dating my new bull for a month and he wants me to share some of our experiences with you. If he likes your response he may want to share me with you. Read on and let us know what you think..
Dan and I met at a dance club. I was with several girlfriends and the night was winding down. About midnight we were getting ready to leave but suddenly a tall, handsome black man asked me to dance. At first I wasn't interested but as soon as I saw his smiling face and open hand I decided to go for it, one last dance, I thought. 2 hours later and the club was closing, my friends had left long ago and we were alone. Dan asked if he could take me out for a drink at an after-hours club and I said yes. His large hand took mine and lead me out to his car. He opened the car door and helped me into the seat. For a moment my head was a few inches in front of his crotch and I could see the outline of what I could tell was a big cock. My pussy tingled and I began to get wet. Dan closed the door and came around and got in the driver's side. He smiled and started the car and turned on the radio. As we drove he reached his hand out and placed it on my left knee. As he gently squeezed my knee he asked me if I had fun tonight. I said yes and he smiled. He asked if I wanted to have more fun and I said yes. He smiled again and slowly started to move his hand up my leg and under my skirt. Dan had felt me up several times on the dance floor but he had not touched my pussy, until now. His long fingers were rubbing my clit and soon his fingers were inside my panties and in my pussy. I gasped as I felt his 2 fingers push further into my pussy and I let out a squeal when his thumb started to massage my clit. Just then we pulled into a parking lot of a club I had never been to. He slipped his hand out from under my skirt and leaned in a started kissing me. He darted his tongue in my mouth and I was swimming with desire. Suddenly he pulled away and said let's go in for that drink now. I was a bit frustrated but eager to spend more time with him. I said OK Dan, and he smiled and said to call him Daddy D. (to be continued)