Morgan's baby...


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Morgan had been having an affair for last 5 years, she loved her husband he was a good man but he didn't speak to her wild side. The side of her that wanted to be a slut a whore for her man. Her lover /bull Jerome did, she met him online they talked for months she was surprised to learn he lived in Texas in the city city as her Austin. The first time they met her heart was racing she'd never done anything like this. What if he was a creep? or a weirdo? she started to turn back but as fate would have it, Jerome ended up being all she hoped for Good looking tall dark skinned and hung. She never had a chance he fucked her in his car that day, soon it was at least four to five times a week at her home. Her husband went to work to provide for his stay at home wife and their two beautiful sons. He fucked her all over that house in every room like a dog marking his territory. She loved all of it having him dominant her and make her his slut. For five years she sucked and fucked him when ever he wanted, she was at his service. Pregnancy didn't stop her either she fucked him during most of her pregnancy she said she wouldn't be deep down she couldn't didn't want to say no. By the time she reached 8 months she stopped fucking him but that didn't stop Jerome from using her mouth. Her belly swole from the life growing inside her she got down on her knees and serviced her true love her bull, she longed to get pregnant by him but she knew her family would freak out and her husband would leave her embarrassed and broke so of course she stayed with him and played the good wife.
I must admit, sex with a dominant black man is addictive. I have been black only for 12 years and love it as much today as when I started 12 years ago. I started too late in life but both hubby and I talked about what if I went black in my 20's; we think we would have wanted a biracial baby.
You post the same story every day, how you was in cuckold relationship from start but only black 12 years, boring