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Missouri BBC?

Working on getting my lady more and more into craving nothing but black cock. But i have long been craving having a black man use me as his sex slave. I live in rural central missouri. If you are decent looking in decent shaoe good enough. Be STD free, hung (thickness is most important) and enjoy humiliating a white boy by seeing him go from straight man to acting like a slutty woman and begging for tour big black cock. I love being manhandled dominated, and having my ass grabbed pawed and smacked. I will do anything sexually, always go Ass to mouth, wear cum with pride. Swallow what goes in my mouth, and love being creamed. Would love to have someone who would love to come dominate and fuck me a few times a week (or i come to you). I would suck a black cock or ride one anytime anywhere. I love being shared and trwated like an object, used for aex then tossed out gaping leaking cum from my gaping ass, and have it all over. I would enjoy being photographed and filmed and having them uploaded. I want the world to see how awesome black cock is this straight guy enjoys it best of all, and hopefully by new years my wife and i are serving a black cock or better yet, a group of them almost daily.